Logs for #nikola for 2017-11-21

13:33:31 <ralsina> berti_: git master actually uses baguettejs instead of colorbox
13:33:44 <ralsina> berti_: IIRC
13:33:55 <berti_> ralsina: OK
13:34:53 <berti_> looks better I think, colorbox is a bit old-school ;-)
13:37:41 <ralsina> I think I am using it already in http://ralsina.me/galleries/budapest/
13:38:20 <ralsina> Ah, no, still colorbox
13:38:27 <ralsina> I need to update the theme
14:30:24 <berti_> ralsina: definitly yes
14:30:45 <ralsina> will do tonight
14:30:49 <berti_> i'm fiddling around with bootstrap 4. fun.
14:31:47 <ralsina> oh, interesting
14:31:53 <ralsina> any cool new stuff in it?
14:32:17 <berti_> many things uses flex layouts
14:34:06 <berti_> customizing works smooth using the sass plugin, a few links to the original sources and one file for customization
14:36:01 <amokleben> Is bootstrap 4 still so bloated?
14:37:22 <berti_> one can easily omit unneeded parts in a customized version
14:39:01 <berti_> https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/getting-started/theming/
14:40:02 <berti_> and the minified slim version of jquery has only 70k
14:42:48 <amokleben> That is still quite heavy in my boat
14:43:42 <amokleben> The thing I remember from bootstrap 3 is that it was like half a meg of stuff in total. That's when I moved
14:47:52 <berti_> OK
14:52:15 <berti_> the biggest hog is moment-with-locales, >300k :-o
15:09:41 <ralsina> berti_: I expect it's possible to limit which locales you get
15:09:59 <ralsina> berti_: perhaps we can even build it custom since nikola knows what locales the user supports
15:11:15 <berti_> I'm just looking into loading only the required locales from base_helper
16:16:22 <ralsina> berti_: cool, if you figure it out let me know if it's something we can adopy
16:16:25 <ralsina> adopt*
16:17:28 <berti_> https://gist.github.com/michaelb42/a86f7bbb6cae24ae8e0d30d4db5f0982
16:33:58 <ralsina> #LGTM
16:34:05 <ralsina> berti_: feel free to PR :-)
16:47:48 <ChrisWarrick> while we're at it, we should probably optimize the files we copy (for moment and colorbox)
17:56:47 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: right
17:57:08 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: is tricky, we don't really have infrastructure to selectively copy assets
18:51:03 <berti_> in fact i use a build script that deletes almost all assets previously copied to output from native themes and use only up to date or custom versions