Logs for #nikola for 2017-11-18

16:26:04 <berti> hi
16:27:28 <berti> I want to use shariff social buttons for my posts
16:28:03 <berti> Does someone use these already with nikola?
16:33:48 <ChrisWarrick> berti: I think you can just put their snippets in SOCIAL_BUTTONS_CODE/BODY_END and it will work
16:35:33 <berti> ChrisWarrick: and integrate the html in my custom post.tmpl?
16:35:57 <ChrisWarrick> You might not need to edit templates
16:36:54 <berti> a  <div class="shariff" ....>  </div> is required to place the buttons somewhere on the page
16:37:58 <ChrisWarrick> that could go to SOCIAL_BUTTONS_CODE if the place suits you
16:38:06 <ChrisWarrick> edit any templates to your liking
16:39:53 <berti> ok