Logs for #nikola for 2017-11-13

23:11:23 <StyXman> I'm trying to run nikola after I python3 setup.py install --user and I'm getting pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'piexif>=1.0.3' distribution was not found and is required by Nikola 
23:11:43 <StyXman> I did pip install --user -r requirements.txt and got this: Successfully installed Markdown-2.6.9 MarkupSafe-1.0 Pillow-4.3.0 PyRSS2Gen-1.1 Pygments-2.2.0 Yapsy-1.11.223 blinker-1.4 certifi-2017.11.5 chardet-3.0.4 docutils-0.14 idna-2.6 logbook-1.1.0 lxml-4.1.1 mako-1.0.7 natsort-5.1.1 olefile-0.44 piexif-1.0.13 python-dateutil-2.6.1 requests-2.18.4 setuptools-36.7.2 six-1.11.0 unidecode-0.4.21 ...
23:11:49 <StyXman> ...urllib3-1.22
23:14:23 <StyXman> a) piexif is not in that list, b) I do pip install --user piexif and it says Successfully installed piexif-1.0.13
23:18:21 <StyXman> beh, sorry, I'm running pip but I should be running pip3 
23:18:26 <StyXman> sorry for the nose