Logs for #nikola for 2017-10-16

16:35:30 <charlesay> is there a way to put line breaks in image (.. figure::) captions? if the caption runs wider than the width of the image, nikola produces a lot of not very pretty white space.
16:41:28 <charlesay> an example of what i mean: the second (and to a lesser extent the first) image here https://eiserneketten.de/posts/eigentlich-gut/
16:43:03 <ChrisWarrick> charlesay: You’d need some CSS trickery for that
16:46:44 <charlesay> as in limiting the length of any line in such a context? that would look bad in the opposite case of broad images, no?
16:48:00 <ChrisWarrick> You could try one-off styling, but that may require raw html blocks?
16:48:18 <charlesay> was about to write something asking how to do those
16:48:33 <charlesay> (and looking it up)