Logs for #nikola for 2017-09-15

13:32:18 <Brigo> Could anyone give me some link or hint about galleries? i don't know how to add them to my pages with restructures text or without.
13:36:27 <ChrisWarrick> Brigo: You create a folder in galleries and put your images there.
13:36:55 <Brigo> yes, i did, and now what?
13:37:03 <Brigo> how can i put those images in my web?
13:41:11 <ChrisWarrick> They will be available in /galleries/
13:43:37 <Brigo> ChrisWarrick, yes but how i show them, not as an image but a gallery? should i do it with html code?
13:44:02 <ChrisWarrick> Brigo: you can use the gallery directive plugin, but it’s not perfect
13:44:22 <Brigo> so i need to install it first
13:45:12 <ChrisWarrick> The galleries feature is meant for displaying pictures on a separate page and not in a post. Gallery directive usually works, but is kinda buggy.
13:47:16 <Brigo> ChrisWarrick, ok, it's a start. Is there any other way?
13:47:32 <ChrisWarrick> You can include individual images as thumbnails, see the manual for that
14:00:59 <Brigo> ChrisWarrick, thanks again :)
14:01:17 <ChrisWarrick> you're welcome!
14:09:09 <Brigo> ChrisWarrick, ok, there is a index in output/galleries/index.html now i saw the light! :-D
20:28:43 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- [plugins] marian-vignau opened pull request #248: Adapted to Nikola v8. Changed some incompatible legends (master...master) https://git.io/v55qm