Logs for #nikola for 2017-09-14

17:19:43 <Brigo> Hi, i have a problem with a web (panterasceltas.org) when the screen is small, a little square with three lines appears, but it don't work when i touch it or use the mouse. Any hints?
17:29:30 <ralsina> Brigo: what theme?
17:29:42 <ChrisWarrick> Brigo: what version of Nikola are you using?
17:29:46 <Brigo> ralsina, let me check.
17:29:59 <Brigo> Nikola v7.6.4
17:30:29 <Brigo> THEME = "bootstrap3"
17:30:41 <ralsina> Ok, that is giving an error loading jquery it seems
17:30:42 <Brigo> Debian stretch
17:30:48 <ChrisWarrick> Brigo: Please upgrade to something more modern, we don’t support v7.6.4 and Debian’s packages
17:33:02 <Brigo> it looks like nikola is not in debian any more? :-/
17:33:24 <ChrisWarrick> Yes, please use some other method of install
17:33:42 <ChrisWarrick> as you can see, Debian broke Nikola before shipping it and refuesd to update it for over 2 years
17:34:59 <Brigo> the bugs are not there anymore so i can't check the problem.
17:35:07 <Brigo> it was not mainteined, it seems.
17:36:36 <ChrisWarrick> the maintainers did not update the package, and randomly ripped out components of Nikola (the bootstrap3 theme for a long time, right here jQuery seems to be broken)
17:36:58 <Brigo> i can't use pip, how should i install? from the tarball?
17:37:47 <ralsina> Brigo: if you can't use pip it's trickier
17:37:59 <ralsina> Brigo: can you create a virtualenv?
17:38:28 <Brigo> i don't know if i can, i have never done that. Is there any tutorial or something?
17:38:47 <ralsina> Brigo: let's go step by step :-)
17:38:57 <ralsina> Brigo: are you the "owner" of this machine?
17:39:14 <Brigo> yes, is mine, i am root
17:39:31 <ralsina> Do you have python 3.something?
17:39:52 <Brigo> yes
17:39:59 <Brigo> is not the default, but i have it.
17:40:03 <ChrisWarrick> !install
17:40:03 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: Getting Started with Nikola: https://getnikola.com/getting-started.html
17:40:06 <ChrisWarrick> Brigo:17:40:21 <ralsina> Ok, run python3 -m venv /some/place/you/like (replace path with some place you like)
17:40:58 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick is right, try the instructions, if you can't make it work we'll see
17:41:29 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: we may want to add "python3 -m venv" to the ways to setup a virtualenv
17:41:36 <ChrisWarrick> I’m not a fan of that
17:41:47 <ChrisWarrick> Also, guess what happens on Debian?
17:41:49 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: well, doesn't require anything other than python
17:41:56 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: it's horribly broken?
17:41:59 <ChrisWarrick> Bingo
17:42:04 <ralsina> lovely
17:42:09 <ChrisWarrick> You need to install python3-venv. But first you must be aware of its existence
17:42:11 <ralsina> I am not even going to ask about ensurepip
17:42:18 <ChrisWarrick> It’s provided by python3-venv
17:42:35 <ChrisWarrick> I’m aware of it only because I did research for a blog post
17:42:37 <ralsina> butbut they are splitting the stdlib????
17:43:32 <Brigo> there is not such thing as ensurepip in Debian repos.
17:44:26 <Brigo>  python3 -m venv /opt/nikola works
17:45:10 <ralsina> Brigo: ok, then if you do "source /opt/nikola/bin/activate" you should now be in a virtual environment. That means you can do anything and it won't break your system python
17:45:40 <ralsina> Brigo: then you can do pip install "git+https://github.com/getnikola/nikola#egg=Nikola[extras]"
17:45:49 <ralsina> and voila, nikola is installed
17:46:05 <ralsina> modulo that it will give you errors while installing and you may have to install some other things and try again ;-)
17:46:14 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/python3-venv
17:46:30 <ChrisWarrick> https://packages.debian.org/stretch/amd64/python3.5-venv/filelist
17:46:36 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: yeah, saw it. Insanity.
17:46:49 <Brigo> ralsina, what about that pip update from the web?
17:47:00 <Brigo> i meant pip install --upgrade setuptools pip
17:47:09 <ralsina> Brigo: optional
17:47:14 <ralsina> Brigo: do it anyway :-)
17:47:49 <Brigo> cloning
17:48:09 <Brigo> so i should uninstall nikola from Debian, don't you think?
17:48:38 <Brigo> well, they won't collide.
17:48:59 <ChrisWarrick> yes, uninstall it
17:49:42 <Brigo> i've got an error :(
17:50:11 <Brigo> http://paste.debian.net/986094/
17:50:26 <Brigo> in spanish, i think you can guess the problem anyway.
17:50:33 <ChrisWarrick> Did you create the virtualenv as root or anything?
17:50:50 <Brigo> yes shouldn't i?
17:51:00 <Brigo> i don't think my user can write in /opt
17:51:52 <ralsina> Brigo: if you create it as root and want to do the rest using a normal user, make that user own that directory
17:51:57 <ralsina> or install it as root
17:52:40 <Brigo> ok, then i have to restart. i guess i only have to delete that directory, right? /opt/nikola?
17:52:43 <ChrisWarrick> yes
17:54:26 <Brigo> cloning again
17:55:22 <Brigo> i am getting a lot of   Failed building wheel for simplegeneric
17:55:35 <Brigo> errors, the installation is going on.
17:56:01 <Brigo> it looks like it's working :)
17:56:54 <Brigo> then, now i have to rebuild the web with the new nikola version.
17:58:25 <ChrisWarrick> Optional, to fix those warnings in the future: pip install wheel
18:00:08 <Brigo> ChrisWarrick, there was a lot of warnings
18:00:16 <ChrisWarrick> About wheels only?
18:00:21 <Brigo> and the nikola build is failing
18:00:33 <Brigo>  i dont't think the warnings were about wheels only
18:01:06 <Brigo> i can't check now because a closed the window.
18:01:48 <ChrisWarrick> doesn’t really matter. how does the build fail?
18:02:15 <Brigo> http://paste.debian.net/986099/
18:02:55 <ChrisWarrick> rm .doit.db
18:03:02 <Brigo> now i read the last line, sorry :)
18:03:48 <Brigo> now it works! great mates! :D
18:04:03 <Brigo> i mean the menu, of course :)
18:05:30 <Brigo> Thank you ChrisWarrick and ralsina, very much :
18:05:33 <Brigo> :)
18:05:45 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome!