Logs for #nikola for 2017-09-12

07:33:51 <ChrisWarrick> berti_: There’s no option for this. What’s wrong with the larger panorama thumbnails?
13:43:28 <ralsina> berti_: by filesize the "larger" panorama thumbnails are probably smaller than the others
18:33:25 <berti_> ChrisWarrick, ralsina: i have several pictures in an article, schematics and circuit boards, and the panorama "condition" is true for the boards... this looks really ugly ;-)
18:34:27 <ChrisWarrick> berti_: Don’t use thumbnails for it then?
18:36:05 <berti_> the real pix are already downscaled to a width of 1600px for use with a colorbox
18:38:51 <berti_> making it configurable shoud be easy, theres already an args for resize_image()
18:40:59 <berti_> btw. is v8 from github ready to give it a try for a non-commecial site?
18:42:40 <ChrisWarrick> yes, it should work
18:42:50 <ChrisWarrick> we still haven’t done a few things we have in mind
18:43:18 <berti_> ok
20:42:11 <ralsina> berti_: you can just link to the "full size" ones instead of the thumbnails
20:42:53 <berti_> it's easy to make it work. you wanted to know if theres already an option for this
20:43:05 <berti_> s,you,just,
20:54:56 <berti_> done