Logs for #nikola for 2017-09-01

01:28:10 <jcea> Hi there!. My blog is mostly spanish but from time to time I post something in english. I would like that for those post the lenguage to be "english" to correctly localice things like "next post", "source code", "warning" or "note". But only for those few posts. That is, is there any what to declare the language of a particular post when it is different from "default"?
01:28:49 <jcea> ralsina: alive?
01:31:00 <jcea> For instance, a "warning" directive is displayed as "advertencia" in spanish (my default language) and I would like to be displayed as "warning" in my english articles.
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13:57:59 <ralsina> Sorry about late replies all
13:58:08 <ralsina> flexiondotorg: we are using transifex ourselves :-)
13:58:30 <ralsina> flexiondotorg: But no, for sites, nobody seems to be using it. Sounds like a great idea tho
13:58:52 <ralsina> jcea: afraid not
13:59:01 <ralsina> jcea: BUT it may be a good idea
13:59:19 <ralsina> jcea: the multi-lang support in nikola is mosly aimed to having the whole site in 2 languages
13:59:55 <ralsina> jcea: so, if your site is declared to be in both english and spanish, and then you put the post in the right place for its language, that will actually work
14:00:31 <ralsina> jcea: OTOH you will have a lot more pages because lots of things will duplicate. So maybe this "occasional guest language" thing is worth looking into
14:10:12 <ChrisWarrick> We would probably need to make that a per-post option, and it would need to affect messages and docutils — but not link generation, which might mean two lang variables
14:11:27 <ralsina> Yes, it can be tricky
20:35:44 <jcea> ralsina: Please, consider the "ocasional" language option. The obvious option would be a "language" meta header per post. If not present, use default language :-)