Logs for #nikola for 2017-08-13

10:16:23 <neiluj> Hello. It looks like KaTeX doesn't render \begin{aligned}...\end{aligned} blocks. When I look at some Nikola blogs they don't have this issue. I found that they have a special html block <div class="math">, how can I add it?
16:08:27 <ChrisWarrick> neiluj: You can change delimiters used by KaTeX (there’s a setting). The "math" class is not used by Nikola itself
16:29:47 <neiluj> ChrisWarrick: Ok. Btw do you where I could find this setting, please?
16:34:02 <neiluj> Is it KATEX_AUTO_RENDER
16:34:04 <neiluj> ?
16:44:47 <neiluj> hum, no it isn't.
18:17:35 <ChrisWarrick> !tell neiluj Yes, it is KATEX_AUTO_RENDER. You need a JS snippet for katex config there
18:17:35 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.