Logs for #nikola for 2017-08-07

06:45:45 <barrachri> Hello is it possible to link a page from another page using something like `{{ _link('slug', 'your-age') }}`?
07:58:23 <ChrisWarrick> !tell barrachri In templates, yes. In posts, use link://slug/your-age as the link destination or the :doc: role in reST.
07:58:23 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
09:11:46 <gour> morning
09:13:52 <gour> is there some theme (besides bootstrap ones) which has search form suitable for tipue plugin?
09:40:21 <ChrisWarrick> tipue will work with any theme
09:40:32 <ChrisWarrick> some of them may need help to make it look god
09:42:00 <gour> ChrisWarrick: yeah, i'm just looking for a theme which has Search-form to be used along with tipue
10:03:05 <gour> if one uses markdown format for the content, which metadata formats are fully supported?
10:13:15 <ChrisWarrick> all except rest docinfo
11:38:22 <gour> ralsina: when you blogged about markdown's performance in nikola (https://getnikola.com/blog/markdown-can-affect-performance.html) does this "Turns out this was the case and it was fixed later on, making the markdown compiler slightly faster than reSt." comment confirms it's not the issue any longer?
20:37:31 <ralsina> Disconsented: I have written something that is maybe 80% of a nikola wiki
20:38:52 <ralsina> Disconsented: https://github.com/ralsina/gyro
20:39:42 <ralsina> Disconsented: basically, point the sanic-based version of it at nikola's "pages" directory and that is maybe 90% of it. Still needs some magic to make it rebuild