Logs for #nikola for 2017-07-27

12:54:47 <CyL> Morning ladies and gentlemen. What's the main differenke when installing nikola[extras] or just nikola (e.g. how should I determine if I need nikola[extras])?
13:08:10 <ChrisWarrick> CyL: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/requirements-extras.txt
13:08:47 <ChrisWarrick> CyL: You can also install any of the extras when needed (Nikola will show a warning)
13:09:30 <CyL> ChrisWarrick: Thanks sir, I've been searching through Nikola documentation (which is great btw), but hadan't got to it.
13:09:42 <ChrisWarrick> It’s also displayed on PyPI
13:10:03 <ChrisWarrick> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Nikola/7.8.9 → at the bottom, extra == 'extras'
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16:19:40 <CyL> Okay, another question... how to use facebook as the comments system? That's not quite clear to me after a lot of reading...
16:40:14 <ralsina> CyL: let me check :-)
16:41:18 <ralsina> CyL: you 1st need to create an "app" in https://developers.facebook.com/apps
16:42:03 <ralsina> CyL: apparently, if there is a setting called "sandbox" there you need to remove it
16:42:15 <ralsina> sorry, not remove it, turn it off
16:42:50 <ralsina> Then, use that app's ID in conf.py as COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID and set COMMENT_SYSTEM to "facebook"
16:43:08 <ralsina> CyL: and that's it. IIRC Facebook comments don't work locally, you need to actually deploy to see them
16:44:11 <CyL> ralsina: Thank you for your help and kindness on this. Also congratulations on your great job about nikola. I'm from Brazil and got very glad to see such a good piece of software from South America.
16:45:06 <ralsina> CyL: hey, glad you like it!
16:45:24 <ralsina> CyL: nowadays more than 50% of the new code is from Poland and France though :-)
16:46:29 <CyL> SO I guess I should say thanks to all the great developers as well
16:50:39 <ralsina> CyL: please let us know if that doesn't work, since I don't think anyone else is actually using facebook comments
16:56:52 <CyL> ralsina: I'm still pondenring about using it, it's my personal/consulting blog I'm planning on usint it into. If I use it, I'll let you know!
16:57:25 <ralsina> Cool, thx
17:35:58 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: France? Who would that be? Felix is (apparently) German, living in Switzerland.
17:48:23 <ralsina> I got mislead by the name I guess
17:48:32 <ralsina> You confusing euros
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