Logs for #nikola for 2017-07-13

13:03:03 <ralsina> queso: you can check the changelog, but probably not too imminent
13:03:14 <ralsina> queso: I am guessing a month or two in the future at least
13:05:30 <queso> ralsina: Thanks
16:55:53 <maarhart2> how can i easily have some basic info about me on top of my posts?
17:09:28 <ralsina> maarhart2: on the top of every post?
17:09:34 <ralsina> nikola theme -c post.tmpl
17:09:37 <ralsina> And then edit it
17:10:01 <ralsina> That should let you put your content on top of the post (or below it, or alongside it ;-)
17:14:18 <maarhart2> ralsina: okay, I won't do any of that. so is it fine to delete that templates folder?
17:14:41 <ralsina> if that post.tmpl is the only thing in it, sure
17:17:55 <maarhart2> okay, thanks
17:17:57 <maarhart2> now another question
17:18:57 <maarhart2> ralsina: how can I build to my website? should I use rsync or scp to copy the output folder or is there an easier way?  
17:19:18 <ralsina> maarhart2: it depends on what you can use
17:19:30 <maarhart2> ralsina: what do you mean?
17:19:48 <ralsina> maarhart2: if your server supports rsync, then you can use it. If it only supports ftp, use ftp
17:19:55 <ralsina> Just automates whatever you would do manually
17:20:23 <maarhart2> I usually use tramp in emacs, but maybe there's an easier way 
17:20:30 <ralsina> basically, whatever you would do to copy output/ to your server, that is it
17:20:44 <ralsina> I don't know any emacs, so no idea what tramp does
17:20:58 <maarhart2> okay, so build, then copy to the web.
17:21:01 <maarhart2> thanks