Logs for #nikola for 2017-06-29

06:12:46 <gour> morning
06:13:01 <gour> speed-wise, there is not much difference between mako and jinja2?
06:51:44 <capri> morning
06:52:35 <capri> is it possible to configure that just one specific navigation link will be opened in a new tab?
07:24:19 <capri> anybody knows if it's possible to open a navigation entry in a new tab instead of in the same?
08:35:01 <ChrisWarrick> capri: This is doable only with a bit of HTML hack
08:35:26 <ChrisWarrick> you might need to edit templates to do it correctly
08:54:27 <capri> So I have to adapt and change the template to accept for example 3 given values
09:16:24 <ChrisWarrick> yes
10:04:20 <ralsina> gour: probably not a lot of difference, both do the same thing in more or less the same way
10:05:18 <gour> ralsina: thank you...and both are going to be equally supported, right?
10:05:33 <ralsina> sure
10:07:39 <gour> mako is still your favourite?
10:08:07 <ralsina> just the one I have used most