Logs for #nikola for 2017-06-21

15:43:28 <gour> +1 for #2850
19:06:06 <ons> Anyone here that uses nikola in OS X? It seems that I getting a malloc error whenever I try to create a new site.
19:08:20 <ons> I have python 3.6.1 installed. And I think I am using Nikola v7.8.9
19:12:03 <ons> Weird, it looks that I get a similar error if I run the print command in the Python interpreter. Hmm..
20:02:17 <ralsina> ons: sounds like something is really broken in your python :-)
20:11:25 <ons> Haha, yeah. I will try to reinstall it as soon as macports is done upgrading all the TeX packages
20:14:53 <ons> Which takes a while since I am out in the jungle with a horrible internet connection..
20:14:57 <ralsina> that moment when OSX starts feeling like gentoo
20:15:09 <ralsina> ons: neat, which jungle?
20:15:49 <ons> Philippines, somewhere in the south island :P
21:29:06 <ons> ralsina: Maybe the python 3.6 build on macports is broken. Seems like the python build from Homebrew is working
21:32:47 * ons should probably file a bugreport, but is too sleepy to do it right now
23:17:23 <KwBot> [nikola] barrachri opened issue #2851: lxml.etree.ParserError: Document is empty https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2851