Logs for #nikola for 2017-05-20

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09:56:35 <StyXman> I just istalles nikola nad I have a couple of problems
09:56:59 <StyXman> I'm mostly using it to egnerate a static gallery
09:57:18 <StyXman> a) the photos in the galleries are not sorted; for instance, http://grulicueva.homenet.org/~mdione/nikola-gallery/galleries/Friends/2016/07-02%20-%20Italia%20-%20Deutschland/
09:59:54 <StyXman> and b) the thumbs it creates for wide photos are too small, I think, here's an example: http://grulicueva.homenet.org/~mdione/nikola-gallery/galleries/Trips/2016/12-24%20-%20Isola%202000/
10:00:03 <StyXman> should I open issues for this?
10:20:02 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska opened issue #2779: JSON Feed support? https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2779
10:40:33 <StyXman> b) must be related to this:
10:40:34 <StyXman> # THUMBNAIL_SIZE = 180
10:40:53 <StyXman> nad I found that a) could be fixed with GALLERY_SORT_BY_DATE = Flase, testing...
10:42:10 <StyXman> the image generated is: 180px × 24px
10:42:21 <StyXman> so it's that
10:42:25 <StyXman> I'm opening an issue
10:44:21 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #2779 to Kwpolska: JSON Feed support? https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2779
10:49:45 <KwBot> [nikola] StyXman opened issue #2780: Thumbnail too small for (very) wide images https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2780
12:48:00 <madduck> can I turn off command-line colours somehow? The colours have been chosen on the assumption that people have dark backgrounds, which just doesn't apply to everyone.
12:48:15 <ChrisWarrick> madduck: export NIKOLA_MONO=1
12:49:01 <madduck> ah cool. I also *just* found the issue…
12:49:35 <madduck> of course you need 7.7.1 for that
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12:49:47 <madduck> which I don't have on this server. Oh well.
12:50:03 <ChrisWarrick> Which version are you using? 7.7.1 is pretty ancient
12:50:53 <madduck> Debian's unstable has 7.6.4
12:50:58 <ChrisWarrick> Please don’t use that package
12:51:29 <madduck> 5
12:51:32 <madduck> sorry
12:51:53 <ChrisWarrick> v7.6.4 was released in August 2015. That’s eons ago. We fixed so many things that you can’t access just because Debian are morons
12:51:55 <madduck> there's a wishlist bug report for 7.8.2 already, but we're in the middle of a freeze, hence…
12:52:12 <madduck> ChrisWarrick: please don't call us Debian people morons. ;) 
12:52:18 <ChrisWarrick> I’m calling your maintainers morons
12:53:03 <ChrisWarrick> was Debian in the middle of a freeze in September 2015?
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13:01:58 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- nikola-site/master 2abb679 Chris Warrick: Update docs for Nikola v7.8.5
13:05:39 <madduck> ChrisWarrick: I've filed for removal, let's hope they honour it. Aside from that, I suggest that you guys provide your own package, rather than rely on a volunteer to do so in Debian. Augustin probably has been hit by real life, hence the silence. I'm not trying to defend, but instead of calling people morons, next time please either upload a new version yourself, or file for removal yourself.
13:06:55 <ChrisWarrick> madduck: We have already consulted the maintainers multiple times. Dererk from Debian promised in January that the package will be updated. That didn’t happen.
13:08:01 <ChrisWarrick> He also proposed removing the package, to which I agreed in stable if there was no better solution.
13:08:20 <madduck> well, then let's hope my removal request isn't too late
13:08:35 <madduck> there was not time to fix this in january.
13:09:23 <madduck> anyway, that makes my choice for a static website compiler a bit easier (since I need it to be in Debian)…
13:09:29 <madduck> good luck.
13:32:44 <marcell> i use pandoc against markdown.. and have some templates in place.. but don't see how i can make pandoc generate toc.. i have pandon in COMPILERS and '--toc' in PANDOC_OPTIONS
13:32:57 <marcell> played a bit with PANDOC_OPTIONS but no luck.. any hint how to do that?
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15:14:17 <ChrisWarrick> marcell: what does pandoc do that our markdown compiler doesn’t?
15:15:33 <marcell> i got used to pandoc which i have set in emacs.. citation, bibliography...
15:15:38 <marcell> table of contents
15:15:57 <marcell> footnotes
15:16:14 <marcell> i didn't check for every feature if it is not present in nikola's default
15:16:38 <marcell> just felt because i have some good experience with pandoc it should do the job ok
15:16:39 <ChrisWarrick> marcell: I can’t convince pandoc to produce a table of contents standalone
15:17:17 <marcell> it could be that the templates should have something prepared for pandoc
15:19:02 <ChrisWarrick> marcell: You need to create a custom output template for Pandoc that includes tables of contents
15:20:06 <marcell> ChrisWarrick: is it something i have to add to an existing one or there is a separated output templates? i'm happy with link to documentation...
15:20:28 <ChrisWarrick> marcell: This is pandoc-specific
15:21:21 <marcell> ChrisWarrick: understand that. ask more about nikola's approach to that.. is there something already prepared for pandoc (or any other compiler)?
15:21:25 <ChrisWarrick> marcell: it looks like you need to use the -s, --standalone option. Their default template may just work, but it may also need customization
15:21:30 <ChrisWarrick> http://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#templates
15:22:07 <ChrisWarrick> Nikola doesn’t get involved anywhere, we just run pandoc with -o whatever.html whatever.md + options you provide to pandoc
15:22:39 <marcell> ok.. that means that i just add pandoc template system-wise
15:23:03 <ChrisWarrick> pretty much yes
15:23:43 <marcell> ChrisWarrick: thanx.. i'll do that...
15:23:56 <marcell> sorry for noob questions.. i just started with nikola
15:24:00 <marcell> so far i like it ;)
15:24:29 <ChrisWarrick> that’s always great to hear
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