Logs for #nikola for 2017-05-01

14:49:27 <ChrisWarrick> !help
14:49:27 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: This is KwBot.  https://chriswarrick.com/kwbot/
16:49:56 <captine> eve all. newb question (not technical person so please be patient).  Where do i see the "stories.tmpl" file that is referenced in the conf.py
16:50:18 <captine> i can find the "posts.tmpl" but not the stories (in the bootstrap3 folder)
17:40:41 <ChrisWarrick> captine: it’s called story.tmpl
17:41:44 <ChrisWarrick> captine: Nikola uses inheritance, so a theme does not need to copy-paste a theme file if the one provided by its parent themes is good enough. Since story.tmpl is universal enough to fit, bootstrap3 has no story.tmpl and it’s inherited from base. So, look in base, or use `nikola theme -c story.tmpl` to create a customizable copy
17:46:19 <captine> thanks ChrisWarrick 
17:46:24 <ChrisWarrick> yw