Logs for #nikola for 2017-04-12

13:01:59 <ralsina> gour! Hi, yes, indeed I have a new job at http://onapsis.com
13:02:15 <ralsina> But that I left before the bloodbath is pure coincidence
13:56:18 <gour> ralsina: hi, i'm gkad to hear...the new one looks interesting
13:56:52 <ralsina> It is, I am in acrhitecture and working in an office, which is a fun change of pace
13:57:06 <ralsina> interacting with actual flesh-based humans
13:57:42 <gour> happy to hear it...you're personal person ;)
13:58:50 <gour> what are your plans in regard to nikola v8?
14:00:27 <ralsina> I have no plans
14:00:45 <ralsina> I just don't have the time to lead a project anymore, I've noticed.
14:01:03 <ralsina> It *may* change now that I have regular hours again, but I can't promise anything
14:03:10 <gour> ok
14:05:19 * gour is wondering whether to move to Hugo...
14:08:48 * gour --> out. bbl
14:52:56 <tim|mint> so, after a few years, I'm finally interested in picking up my blog again (created in nikola), but I seem to keep getting an errors with whatever I do... I've build Nikola[extras] in a virtualenv and activated it, then switched to my old blog directory, but with almost all commands (build, check, etc.) I get a stacktrace ending with "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'"
14:53:15 <tim|mint> any idea how I can get nikola to output more info regarding this?
14:56:16 <ralsina> tim|mint: hmmm
14:56:43 <ralsina> tim|mint: if you could put the full stacktrace somewhere I may be able to guess
14:57:01 <tim|mint> ok, just a sec
14:58:40 <tim|mint> ralsina: https://pastebin.com/SVntnLah
15:01:05 <tim|mint> seems to be something in the theme, right?
15:03:14 <tim|mint> jup, that fixed it, switched to a different theme
15:03:42 <ralsina> neat
15:03:58 <ralsina> maybe something changed in the theme engine and your old theme broke
15:04:16 <tim|mint> could be... i notice the old theme is no longer available when i list the available themes (octopress)
15:04:24 <tim|mint> but may have installed it from somewhere else
15:04:51 <ralsina> it was pretty much abandoned
15:06:29 <tim|mint> thx though :)
15:09:48 <ChrisWarrick> the octopress theme was pretty broken and ugly, the creator didn’t care so I dropped it
15:58:41 <tim|mint> good reason, of course, just too bad it took me a while to figure out what the problem was ;-)
16:06:09 <tim|mint> ok, different question, are there syntax highlighters for nikola?
16:11:47 <ChrisWarrick> tim|mint: yes
16:12:04 <ChrisWarrick> tim|mint: either by using listings, or by using your input format's highlighting support
16:12:34 <tim|mint> ah, markdown has syntax highlighting? didn't know that
16:16:27 <ralsina> tim|mint: yeah something like ```python (code in following lines) ```
16:16:38 <tim|mint> cool thanks
17:24:05 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #2713: Update MathJax links https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2713
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