Logs for #nikola for 2017-04-03

01:52:49 <ulno> On the disqus site, they say "Whenever Disqus is loaded on a page for the first time, our servers check the URL on which Disqus is loaded (and the this.page.url configuration variable if it is set) to make sure it's valid and meets certain criteria. When this fails, we show the message
01:53:04 <ulno> “We were unable to load Disqus. ...”"
01:53:41 <ulno> however, I don't see where these variables are actually refered to in any java-script code
02:45:32 <ulno> ok, I asked the disqus folks - giving up to debug it myself: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/channel-discussdisqus/installation_unable_to_load_disqus_for_new_posts_in_nikola/
02:45:58 <ulno> Bad idea to use disqus? Time to switch to isso?
11:41:07 <RocketLL> Hai
11:41:20 <RocketLL> What was the correct way to migrate nikola sites to a different device again?
13:57:32 <ChrisWarrick> RocketLL: just copy (rsync) everything over, but you need to recreate the virtualen from scrstch
14:02:13 <ulno> Anybody here who has an opinion on disqus - as I can't get it to work anymore, I am considering to switch - any recommendations for the other discussion options?
14:11:31 <gour> ulno: if you want comments, i'd say isso is a good one
14:12:53 <ulno> gour: that's what I am leaning to, just wanted to keep my server side admin low - that was the reason to switch to nikola to begin with  - let me read the isso installation manual once more
14:13:45 <gour> ulno: i was using it for some time, but at the end decided to continue without comments for the same reasons as yours ;)
14:15:46 <ulno> gour: I once stumbled upon a piece of javascript allowing to send you just an email, you could easily turn into a comment yourself - somewhere in the jekyll realm - maybe I shoudl rather hack a small automation there
14:16:49 <gour> ulno: there is another option: PHP+JS - see https://github.com/jacobwb/hashover-next
14:17:03 <gour> less admin overhead, imho
14:19:16 <ulno> thanks! However, php is asking for trouble - isn't it? This will force you to really be up-to date on your server.
14:20:02 <gour> ulno: well, i anyway need PHP for piwik...
14:20:28 <gour> but i'm using webfaction, so no need to tinker with apache2/nginx/php admin
14:20:39 <ulno> yep, then it's not much more
14:23:10 <gour> pelican has some kind of static commenting system, but i simply prefer nikola over it
14:24:14 <ulno> maybe we can replicate that, will take a look
14:25:24 <gour> https://github.com/getpelican/pelican-plugins/tree/master/static_comments
14:26:09 <ulno> gour: just to confirm with another human being somewhere else: can you see a comment section at http://ulno.net/blog/2017-04-02-disqus-test/?
14:26:49 <ulno> Here it's working (just an older post): http://ulno.net/blog/2015-04-13-re-installing-samsung-note-3/
14:26:55 <gour> ulno: no..."We were unable to load Disqus..."
14:27:21 <gour> correct
14:28:12 <ulno> gour: thank for the cofirmation,: thought already that it would be unlikely that all my browsers were toast
14:28:39 <ulno> ok, let's (pushing myself) look at alernatives
14:32:05 <ulno> nice, isso is at least python
14:32:50 <gour> :-)
14:38:27 <ulno> looking at pelican sysem: the other option would be to add some cool javascript allowing you to send a specifically formatted email to a newly set-up google account - I would it then make discard everything in there not in that format and add stuff as  includable markdown/rst somewhere close to the 
14:38:59 <ulno> just running then a polling script seomwhere
14:41:43 <ulno> this would probably work well with some kind of template shortcode, so if you want people to comment, you could just add something like {{% static_comments %}} to the end of your post - would even allow you to allow people to comment on a page
15:01:48 <ChrisWarrick> ulno: you can’t reasonably send an e-mail via JavaScript
15:05:54 <ChrisWarrick> ulno: what is this disqus_config thing? I don’t have it and disqus works
15:09:35 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: it's what they mention on the troubleshooting page: https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/472007-i-m-receiving-the-message-%22we-were-unable-to-load-disqus-%22
15:09:48 <ulno> but it doesn't have any effect
15:10:07 <ulno> I added it on my page and still only the old posts work with disqus
15:12:04 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: would only eventually need js to obfuscate the mailto link
15:12:28 <ChrisWarrick> you can’t trust mailto
15:12:57 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: why that?
15:13:20 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: apart that lot's of people don't use email anymore
15:13:36 <ChrisWarrick> that, encodings, mail clients, lots of other things
15:14:33 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: any idea, how I further could debug the disqus issue?
15:15:13 <ulno> I get to the point of loading the embed.js code from the disqus site, but it is heavily obfuscated
15:16:33 <ulno> I can try to remove my sharing/social buttons, maybe the js interferes with each other
15:16:39 <ulno> haven't tried that
15:18:59 <ulno> didn't help either
15:19:32 <ulno> ok, will continue looking at self hosting isso
15:23:10 <ChrisWarrick> ulno: contact disqus support
15:26:40 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: not sure how, the only thing I found was to post a discussion question on discuss disqus here: https://disqus.com/home/discussion/channel-discussdisqus/installation_unable_to_load_disqus_for_new_posts_in_nikola/
15:37:55 <ChrisWarrick> ulno: bug them on twitter as well
15:51:53 <ulno> ChrisWarrick: just archived my old comments (weren't so many, so disqus must have stopped working shortly after I added it two years ago, maybe also after moving my server from Germany to France -> IP change) and starting the transition to isso - trying to get back into more tech blogging and
15:52:16 <ulno> os activity again, so that's why I have been asking for help lately a bit more here
15:52:24 <ulno> os=open source
15:54:03 <ulno> seems like setting up (and hopefully also maintaining) isso is really easy on a debian server
17:43:29 <ulno> ok, isso runs
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21:00:59 <ulno> Here is the super simple video on making the Nikola twitter connect as promised - hope it's not too embarrassingly simple: https://ulno.net/blog/2017-04-03/new-youtube-video-on-blogtwitterifttt-automation/