Logs for #nikola for 2017-03-19

17:43:32 <nasusiro> greetings everyone.
17:43:54 <ChrisWarrick> hello
17:44:01 <nasusiro> there you are ChrisWarrick :)
17:44:53 <nasusiro> I wanted to ask you something, that's why I came here. Has anyone already asked about whether it's possible to use GitHub issues as an alternative commenting mechanism or not?
17:45:04 <ChrisWarrick> Not really.
17:45:49 <ChrisWarrick> GitHub Issues are not well-suited for things like those, and there are no good ways to include them.
17:46:02 <nasusiro> Is it possible to add it somewhere in conf.py as a link or something?
17:46:18 <ChrisWarrick> You can put some links in templates
17:46:37 <nasusiro> preferably in footer part I presume?
17:46:55 <nasusiro> because it should be at the end of the body
17:47:01 <ChrisWarrick> post.tmpl or something
17:47:11 <nasusiro> cool, time to check it
17:49:29 <nasusiro> basically I had to stop using disqus as they use their bots to scan our comments and generate ads as part of our commenting section, which I found it absolutely outrageous and offensive
18:49:17 <superfly> that's interesting. I've never seen ads in my comments
18:53:06 <nasusiro> superfly: I hope you never see, but whatever is included in your comments can get sell to 3rd-party services
18:53:37 <superfly> nasusiro: hrm, thanks for alerting me.
18:53:46 <nasusiro> no worries superfly 
19:15:40 <ChrisWarrick> nasusiro: those third-parties can read those comments on their own
19:16:01 <nasusiro> ChrisWarrick: I know, but if you read their latest Privacy Policy you can see what I mean
19:16:06 <nasusiro> scary things