Logs for #nikola for 2017-03-13

08:51:15 <capri> we now moved our website from typo3 completely to nikola :-) www.openattic.org
09:01:40 <gour> capri: typo3 must be a beavy pig, isn't it?
09:05:50 <capri> gour, yes it is. It wasn't our choice -> was the choice of our old company :D
10:08:54 <gour> capri: i was considering to use it for some non-profit - it was time when Neos was coming along, but everything looked too bloated/complicated, at least for my own needs...i'mg glad i've decided for statis-site-generator
11:45:33 <drymer> 14:43 +ChrisWarr+╡ drymer: there might be some themes lurking around on GitHub that we are unaware of <- I see, thanks
11:45:38 <amokleben> capri: openattic.org wants to load an analytics.js but this does not seem to exist
11:45:57 <drymer> I would say that right now it's the weakest part of nikola, too little themes
11:46:35 <drymer> comparing with hugo, for example, that has a lot
12:02:54 <capri> amokleben, thanks - I'll take a look why