Logs for #nikola for 2017-02-27

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01:06:18 <anderbubble> I've been working on a Task plugin and everything was working and I was almost done; but now, for some reason I don't understand, the task isn't being run during `nikola build`; it *does* run, however, if I run `nikola build -s postcast:output/cast.rss`
01:07:22 <anderbubble> I've been digging around in the nikola and doit code to try to figure out what could possibly be making it not run. Last thing that happened was I did an `rm output/cast.rss` to try to force it to rebuild the file. (Before that I was changing one of its dependencies back and forth, but I thought this would be cleaner.)
01:08:08 <anderbubble> Any advice for what could possibly be causing this would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting really frustrated banging my head against the wall.
01:11:19 <anderbubble> ok, here's another data point: once the file exists, it continues to be updated appropriately. It just won't create it during a normal build. I have to run it as a single task first.
01:11:22 <anderbubble> So confused.
01:15:09 <anderbubble> And, of course, right after I ask for help, I figure it out.
01:15:22 <anderbubble> I hadn't realized that `Task.name` was part of the Task API
01:15:49 <anderbubble> so at some point I removed the name attribute from my plugin task class, and just specified it as a plain string in my subtask generator
01:16:19 <anderbubble> but that meant that my `group_task()` was named `dummy_task` and my subtasks were named `postcast:output/cast.rss`
01:16:23 <anderbubble> Apparently that got in the way
01:16:45 <anderbubble> Now that I've set `Postcast.name = 'postcast'`, it's working again.
01:16:57 <anderbubble> Thanks to all the rubber ducks in the channel!
03:18:18 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] anderbubble opened pull request #2686: generic_rss_renderer refactor (master...features/generic-rss-renderer-refactor) https://git.io/vyIIQ
10:05:14 <Lenz> ralsina: Hey, hope you had a good weekend! Did you have some time to look into the design of the openattic.org web site by any chance?
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