Logs for #nikola for 2017-02-22

11:30:04 <Lenz> ralsina: Just saw your tweet - thanks for the offer :)
11:30:43 <Lenz> ralsina: While I can create content, I suck at making it look great...
11:31:02 <ralsina> Well, that's not exactly my forte either
11:31:16 <ralsina> But I can make a theme that looks like your current site if you still like that one
11:31:39 <Lenz> ralsina: That'd be a start
11:32:14 <Lenz> ralsina: The hackweek project description should have all the details to get started
11:32:21 <ralsina> cool, link?
11:32:26 <ralsina> Ah that one
11:32:27 <ralsina> got it
11:32:41 <ralsina> You can expect a theme in a couple of days, so you can focus on the content
11:32:59 <Lenz> As you can see, our blog (which already uses Nikola) uses a slightly different theme than the main web site
11:33:18 <ralsina> right
11:33:30 <Lenz> ralsina: It must not match 100%, but the current layout is a bit too small in my opinion
11:33:34 <ralsina> I don't see anything on the site that would make a theme horribly difficult :-)
11:33:48 <Lenz> ralsina: Right, for now it should be fairly straightforward
11:34:04 <ralsina> cool then, ping me again tomorrow I will show you stuff
11:34:17 <Lenz> ralsina: Will gladly do - thanks a ton for your offer
11:34:23 <ralsina> np
11:39:08 <Lenz> ralsina: Actually, it could be a blend of both styles - anything that makes the site look more "modern" (and consistent across pages and posts)
11:43:42 <capri> ralsina, thanks for your offer - awesome :) *just another guy from the openATTIC team :-)*
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