Logs for #nikola for 2016-12-21

16:55:56 <barrachri> Hello
16:56:21 <barrachri> I'm trying to put some jinja code inside a page, but is not rendered
16:56:27 <barrachri> is there a way to do that ?
17:25:07 <ChrisWarrick> barrachri: You can’t just put template code into posts
17:25:42 <ChrisWarrick> barrachri: You could try using the {{% template %}} shortcode: https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#template-based-shortcodes
17:26:55 <barrachri> thanks ChrisWarrick
17:27:04 <ChrisWarrick> yw
17:27:06 <barrachri> I am going to try {{% template %}}
17:27:34 <ChrisWarrick> what are you going to use that template for?
17:42:08 <barrachri> I am using nikola to take care of the main website of a project
17:42:50 <barrachri> so I will have some links around posts and pages that will redirect to login or signup
17:43:20 <barrachri> and I would like to define these links inside the conf to keep everything consistent
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