Logs for #nikola for 2016-12-16

17:50:58 <gour> ralsina: hello, i've just looked briefly at Pelican's release notes and then found out: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1923 do you mind sparing few words to explain Nikola's "why"?
17:52:08 <ralsina> gour: sorry, working, why what?
17:52:56 <gour> i've some content in extended markdown (extra) which is close to the markup used by Pelican, so maybe it would be worth to have that compatibility level, although, personall, i still believe that using rst/asciidoc is better option for writing...why is Nikola is pelican-non-compatible format for front matter=
17:52:58 <gour> ?
17:53:21 <gour> "I know why ours is the way it is, but hey, why not support their version?"
17:54:23 <gour> ralsina: if you're working, them dfon't bother...no rush
17:55:47 <ralsina> because I had no idea how pelican's front matter was when I wrote that part of the code
17:56:12 <ralsina> and I wanted to: 1) make it so markdown could process the file unmodified 2) more or less like it was on reSt
17:56:49 <gour> thank you...sounds good
18:03:25 <gour> btw, it's interesting that whenever the thought to use something else (like e.g. Grav PHP CMS) comes here, the end result is that we eliminate/simplify needs which would justify not using static-site-generator :-)