Logs for #nikola for 2016-12-07

03:31:24 <verbalshadow> anyone have any idea why the top ul element in not displaying a breadcrumbs like the second one https://transfer.sh/AJZcG/index.html
05:55:50 <ChrisWarrick> verbalshadow: (on mobile, can't see link) do they have the same classes?
17:04:23 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska closed pull request #2585: Keyword arguments in path handlers (master...kwargs-in-path-handlers) https://git.io/v10tp
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18:24:52 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: ping re codacy
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19:04:26 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: on it, sorry about th delay
19:04:41 <ChrisWarrick> it's fine
19:12:37 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: there, removed
19:16:25 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: there’s one thing that worries me, their home page claims code coverage is pro only, so we might need to go somewhere else
19:18:15 <ChrisWarrick> we used to have coveralls set up, but that was kinda broken an the didn’t do any reporting in a visible place
19:23:08 <ralsina> there's a bunch of github-coverage-thingies
19:23:19 <ralsina> let me see what's fashionable ;-)
19:23:26 <ChrisWarrick> codacy is not a must
19:23:55 <ChrisWarrick> as long as they support python, coverage.py and perhaps have some code quality stuff (codacy is pylint-as-a-serice), we could go there
19:24:19 <ralsina> codacy has been showing really interesting things, is that all pylint? Have not used it in a while
19:24:38 <ChrisWarrick> yes, pylint but with a sane-ish config
19:25:04 <ralsina> neat
19:25:16 <ralsina> We can do two tools
19:25:31 <ChrisWarrick> or spend a day and craft a usable pylint config
19:25:57 <ChrisWarrick> last time I tried pylint was when they didn’t understand py3 at all, and it was mr. complainypants
19:26:39 <ralsina> I used to use it at work and it was just an annoyance that forced me to pepper the code with alert exceptions
19:26:52 <ralsina> Ok, so coveralls still seems to be the proper thing
19:27:23 <ChrisWarrick> pylint’s default config is unusable
19:32:42 <ChrisWarrick> then there’s codecov.io, which doesn’t look as awkward as coveralls
19:33:20 <ChrisWarrick> https://codecov.io/gh/brettcannon/cpython-ci-test https://coveralls.io/github/brettcannon/cpython-ci-test
19:44:25 <ralsina> if you like it and it's easy... I want to start working on test coverage (slowly)
19:46:12 <ChrisWarrick> switching between services takes roughly 10 minutes
19:53:50 <ChrisWarrick> as long as they don’t do stupid crap