Logs for #nikola for 2016-11-05

16:32:43 <StyXman> is this on?
16:33:47 <ChrisWarrick> yes
16:34:08 <StyXman> hi! I want to use nikola as a static gallery generator and I have run into some problems
16:34:24 <StyXman> I'm running it now, and it will take a few minutes before I hit the problem
16:34:55 <StyXman> (this is 7.6.4)
16:35:45 <StyXman> (sorry, I should have started the run before getting here...)
16:36:03 <ChrisWarrick> (start by upgrading to the recent version)
16:37:19 <ChrisWarrick> if you get a bug in a version that is 14 months old, it’s very likely we’ve fixed it 5 times over
16:43:35 <StyXman> oh
16:43:41 <StyXman> bloody debian package
16:43:51 <StyXman> ok, letme retry
16:44:08 <ChrisWarrick> We don’t support that Debian package
16:45:42 <ToApolytoXaos> StyXman: virtualenv is your friend mate.
16:46:00 <StyXman> ack
16:58:08 <StyXman> (it's running)
17:07:49 <StyXman> well, images are not sorted, to begin with
17:08:05 <StyXman> even when the doc says they will be sorted by date
17:08:28 <StyXman> even if they were 'sorted'by name, mi filenames are the date, so it should be the same
17:10:28 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: your file/EXIF dates may be different
17:11:32 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: switch it to sort by name?
17:13:06 <StyXman> well, the filename matches the info in the exif data
17:13:18 <StyXman> (that's were it's comming from)
17:13:20 <ToApolytoXaos> StyXman: well, you could name your images something like 0001_image_bla_bla.jpg and that could resolve all your problems
17:13:28 <StyXman> unless we're using different tags
17:13:43 <ChrisWarrick> what about file modification dates?
17:14:00 <StyXman> ChrisWarrick: hmm, is it using that?
17:14:10 <StyXman> most of my photos are untouched
17:14:23 <StyXman> either accepted or discarded
17:14:41 <StyXman> very few are touched, some croped, some stitched, that's all
17:15:15 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: We default to EXIF dates but we use st_mtime if it doesn’t work
17:16:12 <StyXman> for instance: http://grulicueva.homenet.org/%7Emdione/nikola-gallery/galleries/vacas/2015/Lisboa%20-%20San%20Miguel%20-%20Sintra%20-%20Cabo%20da%20Roca%20-%20Belem%20-%20Batalha%20-%20%C3%93bidos/
17:16:25 <StyXman> ChrisWarrick: 99% of the images have exif data
17:17:30 <StyXman> several things I don't understand
17:18:01 <StyXman> oh
17:18:02 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: let’s debug this a bit. nikola/image_processing.py, before line 214, add:  print(src, self.dates[src])
17:18:07 <StyXman> I should start all over
17:18:09 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: then run `nikola build -v 2`
17:18:39 <StyXman> there are still thumbs/medium images from the old DSC_ filename schema
17:19:28 <ChrisWarrick> remove the offending folders from galleries (or try nikola check --remove-files)
17:20:48 <StyXman> --clean-files*
17:21:11 <ChrisWarrick> oh, sorry
17:21:16 <ChrisWarrick> I always forget the syntax of that one
17:23:11 <StyXman> heeh
17:33:16 <StyXman> wow, I jsut recovered 5Gib :)
20:36:04 <pydsigner> Does anyone here know how to keep Nikola from messing with <a href="#"> links?
20:36:29 <pydsigner> They're all getting transformed into <a href="index.html"> for some reason
21:27:47 <pydsigner> Looks like there's a bug in url_replacer() to me
21:29:22 <pydsigner> Yeah, if you urlparse() '#', the fragment will be empty
21:29:30 <pydsigner> And so you get all manner of badness
21:29:41 <pydsigner> Nikola should short-circuit at #
21:31:10 <pydsigner> This is on v7.8.1
21:54:38 <KwBot> [nikola] pydsigner opened issue #2553: url_replacer() mangles bare hash links https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2553
21:55:52 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] pydsigner opened pull request #2554: Fix mangled pseudolinks (example patch for #2553) (master...patch-1) https://git.io/vX4vh