Logs for #nikola for 2016-11-03

08:45:29 <gour> 1111 stars at github. congrats!
18:55:28 <porfirio> Hi, yesterday I wrote my second blog post with nikola and the comments box from disqus did not loaded in the new post, in the first post it loaded without issues.
18:55:49 <porfirio> How do I fix this?
18:56:39 <ToApolytoXaos> on how many browsers have you tested this?
18:57:03 <ToApolytoXaos> any link so I can test it from my side and validate a browser caching issue?
18:58:46 <ChrisWarrick> porfirio: check your browser's developer console
18:59:41 <porfirio> ToApolytoXaos: On Firefox and Google Chrome.
19:00:22 <ToApolytoXaos> try what ChrisWarrick has kindly suggested. I was about to ask the same thing to be honest with you.
19:00:36 <porfirio> ChrisWarrick: I will enable it again, I was trying to see if disabling and enabling again solved the issue.
19:00:56 <porfirio> ChrisWarrick and ToApolytoXaos, I will check.
19:01:12 <ToApolytoXaos> cool
19:06:17 <porfirio> So, I re-added the disqus comments box but the issue persist.
19:06:17 <porfirio> http://porfiriopaiz.github.io/blog/
19:07:38 <porfirio> After pressing F12 on Google Chrome, what should I do?, sorry for the noob question.
19:09:24 <ChrisWarrick> porfirio: contact Disqus, please. They seem to have broken something.
19:11:33 <porfirio> ChrisWarrick: Thanks, I found the same issues from other users, I was worry about this being a nikola issue since I upgraded it recently via pip.
19:11:56 <ChrisWarrick> porfirio: disqus seems to be doing something wrong with their infrastructure
19:15:16 <ChrisWarrick> porfirio: got google analytics on your site?
19:18:54 <porfirio> ChrisWarrick: I don't have google analytics on my site, not that I remember.
19:19:08 <ChrisWarrick> that’s the script that won’t load
19:19:16 <ChrisWarrick> probably disqus' fault
19:20:39 <porfirio> ChrisWarrick: yes, "the https://porfiriopaizblog.disqus.com/embed.js", the funny think is that it loads in my very first blog post.
19:21:44 <porfirio> Yesterday I tried adding new blog posts for testing and the problem persisted, only the first post was able to load the comment blog.
19:21:51 <porfirio> I will contact them.
19:24:34 <porfirio> Thanks for reply.
19:30:03 <ToApolytoXaos> the problem likes in the language
19:30:19 <ToApolytoXaos> I choose English, even though the content is in Spanish, now Disqus works
19:31:09 <ToApolytoXaos> ah the hello world only
19:33:53 <ToApolytoXaos> OK, the problem has happened to me with another javascript CDN file
19:34:15 <ToApolytoXaos> it's because the javascript code should match your own URI's HTTP protocol
19:34:32 <ToApolytoXaos> if you go by secure protocol, HTTPS, then your javascript should be secured too
19:35:14 <porfirio> ToApolytoXaos: Yes, the comment box only loads in the first post, both in spanish and english. I have not translated the second post (irc on irssi), but It doesn't work in both languages.
19:35:14 <porfirio> ToApolytoXaos, What do you recommend to fix this?
19:35:42 <ToApolytoXaos> let's ask ChrisWarrick about this
19:35:45 <ToApolytoXaos> ChrisWarrick?
19:35:52 <ChrisWarrick> Complain to DISQUS
19:36:05 <ToApolytoXaos> how can we use a link without the protocols inside our .conf?
19:38:29 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: huh?
19:39:05 <ToApolytoXaos> inside our conf.py file we just set which commenting mechanism we want to use
19:39:35 <ChrisWarrick> Okay, so?
19:39:39 <ToApolytoXaos> shouldn't be Nikola's job to double-check / validate the URI's validity?
19:39:47 <ChrisWarrick> no
19:39:49 <ToApolytoXaos> ah okay
19:39:53 <ToApolytoXaos> good to hear this
19:39:59 <ChrisWarrick> disqus doesn’t really do URLs there
19:40:18 <ToApolytoXaos> well, regards to Chrome developer tools it does
19:42:00 <ToApolytoXaos> anway, it's Disqus' problem
19:42:12 <ChrisWarrick> Nikola won’t go around checking if you got the shortname right
19:42:26 <ChrisWarrick> comments are basically templates
19:42:59 <ToApolytoXaos> true
19:43:13 <ToApolytoXaos> I guess it's a problem with their javascript library
19:43:23 <porfirio> 4
19:43:28 <porfirio> sorry.
19:48:03 <porfirio> Thank you guys. I will ask at https://disqus.com/home/channel/discussdisqus/