Logs for #nikola for 2016-10-31

15:43:42 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- [plugins] bennyslbs opened pull request #183: navstoris changed to make hierarchical a meny (master...master) https://git.io/vXq5W
18:53:46 <podbay> I have two sites (not blogs) which share common pages, or sections of pages.  Is there a most-Nikola-friendly way of including shared content?  Or should I just set up some symlinks?
19:41:12 <ChrisWarrick> podbay: symlinks, copy-pasting, for resources: setting the same directory for themes, plugins, files
19:41:30 <ChrisWarrick> podbay: what content is shared?
20:08:37 <podbay> ChrisWarrick: primarily files and pages.
20:09:02 <ChrisWarrick> podbay: files: set FILES_FOLDERS to some common directory. Pages: symlinks or copy-pasting, or try to avoid duplicates
20:10:01 <podbay> ChrisWarrick: thanks!