Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-28

05:11:28 <proposicion47> hmm..
05:11:39 <proposicion47> anybody awake? 
05:12:25 <proposicion47> say, I'm using a bottstrap3 based theme.  And I've a proper css bootswatch theme. For specifics, think of https://bootswatch.com/cosmo/
05:13:28 <proposicion47> botstrap defines some pretty info/warning/alrt boxes .  as in https://imgur.com/a/8mRJP
05:14:00 <proposicion47> but if I use restructuredtext note, warning, etc. admonitions, I get:
05:14:47 <proposicion47> http://imgur.com/a/KiNrD
05:14:57 <proposicion47> pretty boring, not the ones matching the theme
05:15:52 <proposicion47> is there a way to get nikola to use the theme's boxes instead ?
05:16:05 <proposicion47> also, theme defines panels as in http://imgur.com/a/KiNrD
05:16:23 <ChrisWarrick> proposicion47: We hard coded original bs3 styles into rst.css because docutils outputs specific classes.
05:16:39 <proposicion47> can we get those via restructuredpost markup? or do I need to use  raw html for this (and the nice info/warning/etc boxes) ?
05:16:46 <ChrisWarrick> proposicion47: Make your own rst.css
05:16:50 <proposicion47> alright
05:16:56 <ChrisWarrick> You can also try:
05:17:17 <proposicion47> yes?
05:17:23 <ChrisWarrick> .. class:: whatever-classes you-need
05:17:38 <proposicion47> ok I'll try that
05:17:47 <ChrisWarrick> then an  empty line, then indented text of your panel
05:29:36 <proposicion47> ok I see
05:29:47 <proposicion47> class nesting is not straighforward however
05:30:15 <proposicion47> :facepalm: I need to encapsulate in a cntainer
05:34:31 <proposicion47> nesting containers is not possible?
05:36:12 <proposicion47> http://imgur.com/a/tEYrS  <-- nesting containers code 
05:36:26 <proposicion47> http://imgur.com/a/BHIZA <-- inner container not converted into a div  but into a <p>
05:37:22 <proposicion47> http://imgur.com/a/cs5Te <-- resulting html  
05:42:01 <proposicion47> well.. need to sleep, I teach early tomorrow
05:42:06 <proposicion47> thank you :)
07:08:38 <mofm> hi,
07:08:55 <mofm> Im getting error when installing zen themes
07:10:18 <mofm> nikola version => http://pastebin.com/cGABTczZ
07:11:48 <mofm> nikola error: http://pastebin.com/ZYgsiDgz
07:16:19 <mofm> by the way, I installed lesscs
15:14:16 <proposicion47> good morning
15:15:33 <ChrisWarrick> mofm: remove less
15:17:05 <ChrisWarrick> proposicion47: Better solutions: (a) modify rst.css by hand (b) use raw html blocks or .html input files
15:26:58 <proposicion47> thank you chris