Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-22

07:40:48 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] s8321414 opened pull request #2503: Add zh_TW translation. (master...translation) https://git.io/vi779
13:07:07 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vi5BZ
13:07:07 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 2fa91d8 Chris Warrick: Add short README.md to translations directories...
13:11:35 <x1101> ok, I'm having a dumb. Why does this not work for a code block? http://reflections.x1101.net/posts/a-little-help-from-strangers/
13:13:43 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7592 (master - 2fa91d8 : Chris Warrick): The build passed.
13:13:44 -travis-ci:#nikola- Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/fad241e78dfd...2fa91d89c016
13:13:44 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/161906095
13:15:39 <ToApolytoXaos> x1101: is it a multiline code?
13:17:33 <ToApolytoXaos> just indent the entire block
13:18:57 <x1101> I _thought_ I did, I'll check
13:20:01 <x1101> did not fix
13:20:24 <x1101> the "source" link is there
13:20:36 <x1101> did I maybe indent too far?
13:24:34 <ToApolytoXaos> let me check
13:26:28 <ToApolytoXaos> remove :code-block: and indent the entire code by one tab (4 spaces?) position
13:27:22 <ToApolytoXaos> you can also try something like .. code:: console in place of :code-block:
13:27:28 <ToApolytoXaos> and indent your code block
13:27:40 <x1101> I'll try those
13:29:45 <x1101> ok, so now it _kinda_ looks "right" but still throws an error
13:31:22 <ToApolytoXaos> yes because you did not add a newline after .. code-block::
13:31:52 <x1101> so it should be .. code-block:: <blank line> my stuff?
13:31:56 <ToApolytoXaos> yes
13:32:01 <ToApolytoXaos> and at the end as well
13:32:15 <x1101> AH
13:32:18 <x1101> worky
13:32:21 <x1101> Thanks
13:32:30 <ToApolytoXaos> no worries mate, thank ralsina 
13:32:46 <ToApolytoXaos> and the rest of the team of course!
13:33:46 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: is it possible to move RSS feed on the far right corner on menu where "source" resides?
13:33:59 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: of course, just change the template
13:34:41 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: "nikola theme -c base.tmpl"  should leave you with a templates/base.tmpl you can edit and change at will
13:34:47 <x1101> I have one other question for that site. And its because I'm doing a thing that's odd.
13:34:54 <ralsina> I am not 100% sure that's in base.tmpl tho
13:35:14 <x1101> I have a landing page, and it doesn't change. What I want is insteand of 'archive' and the yearly pages, just a list of all posts.
13:35:23 <x1101> how to I brow beat conf.py into doing that?
13:37:07 <ToApolytoXaos> brow beat?
13:37:09 <ToApolytoXaos> what's that?
13:37:52 <x1101> http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/browbeat
13:38:11 <ralsina> x1101: *all* the posts?
13:38:21 <x1101> ralsina: all the _posts_ yeah
13:38:34 <ralsina> x1101: create a page with a post list in it
13:38:34 <x1101> I want them as posts so they still trigger rss
13:38:48 <ralsina> x1101: as in .. post-list::
13:39:06 <x1101> ralsina: answered my question before I finished typing it
13:39:23 <x1101> and is that page a "story" then?
13:39:24 <ralsina> Alternatively: CREATE_SINGLE_ARCHIVE
13:39:45 <ralsina> That option is described as "Create one large archive instead of per-year"
13:39:53 <x1101> will .. post-list:: keep them ordered?
13:39:58 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: ah you mean to edit my theme template based on my needs?
13:40:01 <x1101> (by age)
13:40:02 <ralsina> it should
13:40:05 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: yep
13:40:10 <x1101> I'll go with that, thanks ralsina 
13:40:28 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: well, I thought I could replace source with a link of my choice via navigation settings inside conf.py
13:40:36 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: once you need to do things the theme doesn't do, you will end up editing templates. Nikola can only keep you away from HTML up to a certain point :-)
13:40:54 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: source is not really a navigation link, is it's own thing
13:41:02 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: but hey, should be a really tiny change
13:41:59 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: if you say so mate, that's cool
13:45:34 <x1101> ralsina: much thanks. Worked like a charm
13:45:37 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: wow, basically the only necessity is just CSS classes to change its behavior
13:45:44 <ralsina> x1101: awesome
13:45:53 <x1101> Also, that page is about the deployment script that became the plugin, if its useful for anyone. 
13:45:57 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: it should not be complecated :-)
13:46:05 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: yeah, it shouldn't
13:46:47 <ToApolytoXaos> you know though what it would be more than awesome? if we could have a third option inside navigation tuples to represent custom CSS classes, else to use the ones that come with themes by default
13:47:14 <ralsina> could be
13:48:00 <ToApolytoXaos> because if you think about it, this way you could customize every single Nikola theme out there without actually touching it!
13:48:11 <ToApolytoXaos> conf.py would do the dirty work for us, the users
13:48:48 <ToApolytoXaos> "this link goes here, this link should go there in the left corner, oop, this one needs an icon and no text"
13:48:53 <ToApolytoXaos> that kind of way of thinking
13:54:08 <ChrisWarrick> That won’t be simple to implement today though.
13:56:36 <ToApolytoXaos> I was looking for the NAVIGATION_LINKS code; I got curious to see how it could get implemented
13:56:48 <ChrisWarrick> base_helper.tmpl
13:57:02 <ToApolytoXaos> nice
13:58:51 <ToApolytoXaos> no, I meant the actual Python source files that do the dirty work
13:59:38 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: that's the whole thing
13:59:44 <ToApolytoXaos> is it?!
13:59:52 <ToApolytoXaos> the entire logic in inside the template?
13:59:57 <ToApolytoXaos> that's really awesome!
14:02:46 <ralsina> yeah, it just goes over a list of things and writes out html
14:03:01 <ralsina> for example, the zen theme does something different and needs a 3rd element with an icon
14:04:14 <ToApolytoXaos> I see
14:08:04 <ToApolytoXaos> hmm, the tricky part is with the logic "Source" is implemented behind the scenes; it's using <ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right">...</ul> whereas the rest of the links a user adds *without* a sub-menu link becomes <li></li> automatically
14:13:54 <ToApolytoXaos> another interesting thing ralsina is the following code that remains orphaned when "Source" gets disabled: <ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right"></ul>
15:08:01 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: you are right
15:08:07 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: that should be conditional
15:08:27 <ToApolytoXaos> also, I cannot find anywhere where navbar-right is originally located inside html tags :S
15:08:49 <ToApolytoXaos> I used ag to search thoroughly and did not find anything
15:09:02 <ToApolytoXaos> only the generated results were found inside output/
15:18:33 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: Were you looking in templates?
15:18:41 <ToApolytoXaos> yes
15:18:55 <ToApolytoXaos> also inside the entire project
15:22:15 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: base.tmpl in bootstrap3, line 44
15:23:28 <ToApolytoXaos> bootstrap/themes/base.tmpl#L44 is an %endif for me
15:23:46 <ToApolytoXaos> I meant themes/bootstrap/templates/ 
15:27:30 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: somewhere around this area then. Are you sure about "bootstrap" and not "bootstrap3?"
15:28:01 <ToApolytoXaos> yep
15:28:06 <ToApolytoXaos> that's the name of the theme
15:32:15 <ToApolytoXaos> the funny thing is that it's a bootstrap3, but the theme name is bootstrap
15:33:19 <ToApolytoXaos> the look I mean
15:33:54 <ChrisWarrick> why did you bother
15:37:31 <ToApolytoXaos> here's the thing: it seems that I have installed it via nikola install_theme bootstrap3
15:37:44 <ToApolytoXaos> [2016-09-22T15:36:32Z] ERROR: theme: Theme 'bootstrap3' is already installed in /home/stefanos/.virtualenvs/mynewenv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/nikola/data/themes/bootstrap3
15:38:55 <ToApolytoXaos> but inside my project directory where themes reside, I have a "bootstrap"
15:39:58 <ToApolytoXaos> but the README.md it says it's "This is the original Bootstrap 2 theme for Nikola..."
15:46:57 <ChrisWarrick> Nuke it
15:47:05 <ToApolytoXaos> nuke it?
15:47:50 <ChrisWarrick> remove the bootstrap 2 theme
15:48:33 <ToApolytoXaos> but I don't have bootstrap 2
15:48:52 <ToApolytoXaos> that README.md is inside bootstrap theme that got installed with the aforementioned command
15:52:45 <ChrisWarrick> Remove that directory.
15:54:11 <ToApolytoXaos> you mean to remove bootstrap3?
15:57:45 <ToApolytoXaos> ChrisWarrick, question: why do we offer a flag that lists installed plugins, but we don't do so for themes?
15:58:30 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: probably because nobody bothered to implement it. Care to create an issue on GitHub?
15:58:42 <ToApolytoXaos> right away sir!
16:02:17 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] stefanos82 opened issue #92: Missing --list--installed flag https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/92
16:02:45 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: (Would work better in the main getnikola/nikola repo)
16:02:54 <ToApolytoXaos> this issue?
16:03:02 <ToApolytoXaos> can we move it or should I do so?
16:03:38 <ChrisWarrick> You can close this one and open a new one in the right repo
16:42:42 <ToApolytoXaos> OK
16:43:55 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] stefanos82 closed issue #92: Missing --list--installed flag https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/92
16:45:27 <KwBot> [nikola] stefanos82 opened issue #2504: Missing --list--installed flag from nikola theme command https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2504
22:11:25 <KwBot> [nikola] ncouture opened issue #2505: Improve verbose output for build process https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2505
22:30:09 <KwBot> [nikola] ncouture opened issue #2506: Creating .html files in the posts directory breaks the build process https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2506