Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-17

02:48:38 <Guest77393> very quickie. suppose i have  { 'images':'images'} on my conf.py.   then I have a sitedir/images folder with the actual files. Now, if I create somepost.png  containing   image:: heya.png   the heya.png is not found  (which seems logical as output/posts does not contains the file)
02:49:28 <Guest77393> then I need to use image:: ../../heya.png so the file is properly rendered  (as it would go output/posts/somepost/index.html go up 2 folders and get inside output/images )
02:49:38 <Guest77393> is there any better way than prepending ../../ on each image?
02:50:34 <drini> change "create somepost.png to somepost.rst" on 1st line
02:51:34 <drini> actually I'd need  ../../images/heya.png
02:51:48 <drini> on the source  .rst file
03:09:21 <drini> no way to avoid .. dance?
07:26:50 <ChrisWarrick> !tell drini You can just say .. image:: /images/heya.png
07:26:50 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
11:07:50 <KwBot> ToApolytoXaos: 17:50:42 <ChrisWarrick> Your /quit message still links to your Blogger blog, where’s your Nikola blog?
11:10:17 <ToApolytoXaos> ChrisWarrick: my nikola blog is still local until I finish with certain things; I haven't decided yet when to go live.
11:10:48 <ChrisWarrick> sure, have fun
11:13:09 <ToApolytoXaos> oh I am have ^_^
11:13:15 <ToApolytoXaos> have?!
11:13:17 <ToApolytoXaos> what the...
11:13:21 <ToApolytoXaos> stupid fingers lol
11:35:43 <ToApolytoXaos> ChrisWarrick: is there anywhere an example for googleplus commenting setup? How should my COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID look?
11:35:49 <ToApolytoXaos> *look like?
11:36:15 <ChrisWarrick> ToApolytoXaos: Google+ comments seem to be abandoned by Google (just like rest of the platform)
11:36:24 <ChrisWarrick> What does the manual say?
11:36:52 <ChrisWarrick> * For Google Plus, COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID need not be set. WARNING: this will not work correctly in the test server, needs to be deployed to a real server/URL.
11:37:25 <ToApolytoXaos> yeah, I just read it -_- so I can't test it locally
11:37:26 <ToApolytoXaos> darn it
11:37:47 <ToApolytoXaos> I have comments in there associated with two blogs of mine
11:38:00 <ToApolytoXaos> so...am I going to lose them afterwards?
11:38:07 <ChrisWarrick> probably
11:38:16 <ToApolytoXaos> shoot -_-
11:38:19 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/viP6D
11:38:19 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 2e54807 Chris Warrick: Fix link to Facebook app creation...
11:38:36 <ChrisWarrick> If there’s an export option, or if DISQUS could import those comments, there would be a way to save them
11:38:47 <ChrisWarrick> Otherwise, that’s what you get by trusting someone else with your data
11:41:31 <ToApolytoXaos> yeah...I had to learn the hard way I'm afraid
11:41:40 <ToApolytoXaos> thus the need for a static website generator
11:42:32 <ChrisWarrick> If you change the third-party you trust from google/disqus to blogger, you could import those comments
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11:44:42 <ToApolytoXaos> I had Google+ comments associated with blogger
12:25:32 <gour> i'm using isso comments imported from disqus...
18:09:01 <KwBot> [nikola] ericcotelnu opened issue #2499: Gallery URLs broken https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2499
18:14:30 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #2499 to Kwpolska: Gallery URLs broken https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2499
21:16:05 <ToApolytoXaos> is everything alright with the website? https://plugins.getnikola.com does not fetch any plugin
23:23:09 <KwBot> drini: 07:26:50 <ChrisWarrick> You can just say .. image:: /images/heya.png
23:28:25 <Guest35461> thank you KwBot 
23:28:35 <Guest35461> will try right now
23:29:50 <Guest35461> yay!