Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-15

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20:14:04 <prxq> hi. do you know if useing pip and virtualenv3 from jessie works with nikola? Or should I install them from source?
20:44:01 <ToApolytoXaos> prxq: if you use virtualenv3, all you must do is to run "pip list"
20:44:53 <ToApolytoXaos> even to make it easier, just run "pip list | grep -i nikola"
20:45:15 <ToApolytoXaos> this way it will display "Nikola (x.y.z)" for you
20:46:08 <prxq> ToApolytoXaos: but does it work to use the one bundled with jessie (debian 8)
20:46:10 <prxq> ?
20:46:20 <prxq> I could just try, I guess....
20:46:43 <ToApolytoXaos> if you have installed it as a debian package, then run "dpkg --get-selections | grep -i nikola"
20:47:19 <ToApolytoXaos> but I'm against on installing such packages as global packages
20:47:28 <ToApolytoXaos> I prefer installing them under virtualenv
20:47:41 <ToApolytoXaos> I use virtualenvwrapper myself which makes my life a lot simpler with virtualenv
21:17:42 <ralsina> prxq: Nikola works with python 2.7 and python 3.4 and 3.5 IIRC
21:17:57 <ralsina> prxq: I have no idea what comes in Jessie but the easiest thing is to just try it
21:18:15 <prxq> i see you can install virtualenv with pip, and i already installed pip from sources.
21:27:13 <prxq> fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory
21:28:11 <prxq> that means a -dev package is missing, I suppose....
21:28:17 * prxq fires up aptitude
21:29:29 <prxq> ok works now
21:30:03 <prxq> well, the installation :-) I need sleep. 'night, and thanks.
21:36:51 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: he's going to have a major problem I'm afraid
21:37:15 <ralsina> ToApolytoXaos: why?
21:37:19 <ToApolytoXaos> there's a "trap" as I call it with debian packages regards to python and pip
21:38:13 <ToApolytoXaos> well, you could check with pip for outdated packages and assumed by upgrading them will fix some of your problems, but in reality it will over-complicate things
21:38:17 <ToApolytoXaos> I have been there myself
21:38:39 <ToApolytoXaos> that's why I prefer creating virtual environments
21:39:23 <ToApolytoXaos> the issue that happened to me goes like this
21:39:49 <ToApolytoXaos> my python packages pointed elsewhere, my pip upgraded packages pointed again elsewhere, and virtualenv of course elsewhere
21:41:17 <ToApolytoXaos> while the python itself tried to distinguish which went where, it messed up badly package dependencies and it would create a circular dependency chaos
21:45:36 <SteveDrees> I've recently fallen in love with https://github.com/saghul/pythonz
21:47:38 <ToApolytoXaos> well, it would be nice if we have an environment like nvm
21:47:44 <ToApolytoXaos> that would be more than awesome
21:48:14 <ToApolytoXaos> also, I like how npm allows you to init a project at any location you like and simply fetch modules inside that directory
21:48:19 <ToApolytoXaos> mind...blowing!
21:48:25 <ToApolytoXaos> no need to virtualenv and crap
21:48:39 <ToApolytoXaos> every single project should carry its modules with it
21:48:51 <ToApolytoXaos> like nikola is currently doing with its plugins
21:48:54 <ToApolytoXaos> the same concept
21:49:03 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: another reason I love your project
21:52:11 <ToApolytoXaos> pythonbrew tried to achieve the same behavior with rvm, which with its turn inspired nvm, but...it would still depend on virtualenv
22:22:52 <ToApolytoXaos> ralsina: remember my aforementioned example? well, guess what...a local pbr version that just got uninstalled conflicts with the one that got installed from python3 dependencies' packages
22:22:55 <ToApolytoXaos> darn it :/