Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-05

12:16:06 <KwBot> [nikola] sukiletxe opened issue #2493: Typo in support.rst https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2493
14:00:20 <gour> morning
14:01:03 <gour> what do you think about extending isso_helper.tmpl or making it configurable with more stuff available at: https://posativ.org/isso/docs/configuration/client/ ?
14:07:34 <gour> e.g. to support selecting of language etc. ?
14:13:30 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] abrahamvarricatt opened pull request #2494: Clarify image usage (master...clarify-image-usage) https://git.io/visna
14:15:48 <chronodekar> oh! it got reported here too.
14:15:59 <chronodekar> I was about to comment on the pull-request I made. 
14:16:26 <chronodekar> It follows from a discussion on the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/nikola-discuss/WDhmd6bEPm8/discussion
14:17:12 <chronodekar> The change is a comment update in conf.py
17:25:27 <ChrisWarrick> gour: feel free to copy that temlate and edit it at will
17:26:36 <gour> ChrisWarrick: ok....i'm also thinking to add some CONF vars so that one can use more stuff
17:27:03 <ChrisWarrick> Not to global config for everyone.
17:27:24 <gour> like some plugins do
17:28:31 <gour> e.g. localsearch
17:30:17 <gour> maybe it's suitable for 8.0 stuff to put e.g. support isso in a plugin...iirc, ralsina has such plans...
17:30:34 <ralsina> gour: isso is already supported. What's missing?
17:31:06 <ralsina> If it needs, for example, to pass language, it can easily be added to the current code
17:31:29 <gour> ralsina: template is quite 'poor' and does not include lot of stuff available...see https://posativ.org/isso/docs/configuration/client for the available options
17:31:37 <ralsina> gour: then add it
17:32:05 <gour> ralsina: i'm thinking about making it configurable
17:32:30 <gour> so that everyone can include whatever he likes besides ground support
17:32:30 <ralsina> gour: just change comments_helper_isso.tmpl however you want
17:32:41 <ralsina> gour: as long as you keep the API, it's all good
17:32:52 <ralsina> gour: and anyone can replace it, just put your own in templates/
17:32:55 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #2493: Typo in support.rst https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2493
17:33:03 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #2493 to Kwpolska: Typo in support.rst https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2493
17:33:06 <gour> ralsina: ok, i'll play with it
17:33:08 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vis6P
17:33:08 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master ad5da8c Chris Warrick: Fix #2493
17:33:22 <ralsina> hell, you can make a do-nothing plugin that is just templates/whatever.tmpl :-)
17:33:40 <gour> ralsina: what about tailoring template based on configurable variables?
17:33:40 <ralsina> or rather templates/{mako,jinja}/whatever.tmpl
17:33:55 <ralsina> gour: make them go in the global context
17:33:59 <ralsina> you want them there, anyway
17:34:35 <ralsina> or use a file in data/isso_config.json
17:34:42 <ralsina> that will work awesome, I think :-)
17:34:45 <gour> ralsina: ok, i'd like to have it and will play with it...today got rid of owncloud and replaced it with Baikal...next have to deploy isso, then tackle some theme(s) for Nikola...
17:35:29 <gour> using data/json sounds attractive
17:36:15 <gour> moreover, i've to acquires some jinja2 as well python skills...but, at least, it's clear we're staying with nikola ;)
17:36:59 <ChrisWarrick> if you know Mako, you can just use our converter in scripts/jinjify.py in nikola's main repo
17:37:37 <gour> nope, never used neither mako nor jinja...but considering to learn jinja
17:37:53 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7564 (master - ad5da8c : Chris Warrick): The build passed.
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17:42:07 <ChrisWarrick> either should be simple
17:42:53 <ChrisWarrick> honestly, I didn’t read docs for either in full and learned Mako when working on random Nikola things
17:43:14 <gour> is mako still actively developed?
17:44:47 * gour is still open in regard 
17:44:52 <ChrisWarrick> more than jinja2
17:45:11 <ChrisWarrick> For working on Nikola, you need Mako. Jinja2 is usually taken care of automatically
17:45:28 <ChrisWarrick> that said, Jinja2 is more popular in the general world
17:45:45 <gour> ohh, that's good to know and good-enough reason to use mako then
17:47:09 <gour> Nikola is all what i need :-)
17:53:22 * ralsina is tempted to use Jade and autogenerate both Mako and Jinja
17:53:31 <ralsina> (jade compiles to both)
17:53:37 <ralsina> ((and is nicer than both))
18:08:26 <ChrisWarrick> (((no it isn't, all those "html but not html" things are)))
18:09:02 <ChrisWarrick> are awful*
18:28:28 <gour> if Mako is more suitable for Nikola, then the deal is sealed (easily)
18:47:26 <ralsina> gour: as so many "technical choices" it's based on "some ancient software I wrote in 2006 used Mako, so I didn't want to learn Jin ja at the time"
18:49:39 <gour> ralsina: well, i do not have any ambitions about 'progressive web apps' and Nikola does its job in a straightforward and simple way, so if learning Make makes me competent to wotj with Nikola's themes that's all what i need
18:49:56 <ralsina> gour: it should!
18:50:12 <ralsina> gour: you probably don't need anything more complex than ${name_of_variable}  :-)
18:50:25 <gour> :-)
18:50:55 <ralsina> gour: if you put the isso config in a json or yaml file in data/ then it's ${data['nameoffile']['nameofoption']}
18:57:13 <gour> good...i'll ask for help here when the time arrives ;)
19:02:33 <ChrisWarrick> or, just know, use GLOBAL_CONTEXT
19:08:34 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: a data file has the advantage that there is no need to touch config
19:08:57 <ChrisWarrick> it's also throwing config in multiple files
19:09:09 <ralsina> yes it is
19:09:33 <ralsina> anyway, more than one way to peel a cat :-)