Logs for #nikola for 2016-09-02

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12:46:09 <KaliLinuxGR> i tryed oslo to install doit 0.28 and 0.25 but it says the same 
13:35:03 <ChrisWarrick> KaliLinuxGR: (1) update your copy of Nikola and doit
13:35:26 <ChrisWarrick> KaliLinuxGR: (2) configure your operating system to have a English UTF-8 locale
13:37:03 <KaliLinuxGR> ChrisWarrick, thx m8
13:44:03 <KaliLinuxGR> ChrisWarrick: please which is default port to login in nikola?
13:54:11 <KaliLinuxGR> ChrisWarrick: sry got it
14:21:31 <ChrisWarrick> there are no logins
14:21:37 <ChrisWarrick> KwBot: ping
14:21:37 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: pong
14:30:42 <KaliLinuxGR> a ok i found it 
14:30:45 <KaliLinuxGR> sorry 
14:31:28 <KaliLinuxGR> i was working with django and i was thinking its the same but they are not 
14:33:58 <ChrisWarrick> completely different
14:34:33 <ChrisWarrick> a static site generator has no “logins”, no complicated deployments. You just put some files in a server webroot and go. (nikola serve or nikola auto can be used for development)
14:40:46 <KaliLinuxGR> ok i will stady and learn 
14:44:54 <ChrisWarrick> !manual
14:44:54 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: Nikola Handbook: https://getnikola.com/handbook.html
14:44:57 <ChrisWarrick> the manual is a good start
14:45:18 <KaliLinuxGR> wow thanks a lot 
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