Logs for #nikola for 2016-08-22

01:18:56 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v6DKd
01:18:56 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 3bd89b7 Roberto Alsina: Add TOML to the data feature
01:19:07 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #2466: .. data:: could support TOML https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2466
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01:34:30 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v6D6c
01:34:30 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master da534bd Roberto Alsina: buglet in post-list shortcode
01:38:56 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7482 (master - da534bd : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
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01:59:43 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v6DiI
01:59:43 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 3efcc1c Roberto Alsina: tweaks
02:01:06 <ralsina> [Tritium]: if you see any sphinx thing we don't support, please check here and if it's not listed, please add:  https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/770
02:01:36 <[Tritium]> ralsina: including directives?
02:01:41 <ralsina> yep
02:01:59 <ralsina> There's a whole section on directives there, and they are all marked as implemented :-)
02:02:17 <[Tritium]> literalinclude is there
02:02:29 <ralsina> [Tritium]: literalinclude sucks
02:02:37 <ralsina> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2099
02:02:56 <ralsina> maybe I did implement literalinclude? I don't recall to be honest :-)
02:03:35 <[Tritium]> The only thing i want from literalinclude is side by side diff, but I can implement that myself in something else
02:03:49 <ralsina> No, I did not. It should be easy to implement since all it has to do is create an include + code option
02:03:54 <[Tritium]> (or use rstdiff)
02:03:58 <ralsina> hmmm
02:04:10 <ralsina> literalinclude has something for diff? Any examples?
02:05:00 <ralsina> I can probably do it at some point
02:05:04 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7483 (master - 3efcc1c : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
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02:07:45 <[Tritium]> ralsina: I just looked at the sphinx docs and saw they support diffs.  I could make a blank doc set and check... but there is rstdiff (...which you wrote)
07:00:57 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v6D5G
07:00:57 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master a5e05cc Chris Warrick: Ask for TOML (not YAML) if TOML is missing
07:09:29 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7484 (master - a5e05cc : Chris Warrick): The build passed.
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08:01:42 <KwBot> [plugins] jamescasbon closed issue #163: [orgmode] support :results file and other raw org output from babel RESULTS block https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/163
08:30:11 <lcabrera> re