Logs for #nikola for 2016-08-21

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02:11:20 <RocketLL> http://hastebin.com/votifezibu.txt
02:11:22 <RocketLL> Any help?
02:14:11 <[Tritium]> RocketLL: is your system clock set correctly?
02:14:20 <RocketLL> yes.
02:14:48 <RocketLL> OSX btw.
02:15:04 <[Tritium]> Welp, I dont know then.  they JUST updated their certificate.
02:15:50 <RocketLL> Bah ssl
02:16:00 <RocketLL> Would it help if i moved everything to my arch box?
02:18:34 <Disconsented> Could do
02:19:44 <RocketLL> ehhhh
02:23:03 <RocketLL> eh...
02:23:09 <Disconsented> ?
02:34:07 <polyzen> o/ wouldn't it make more sense to not always read the config?
02:34:22 <polyzen> wouldn't that at least speed up `nikola help`?
02:34:47 <polyzen> version, maybe other things
04:08:33 <[Tritium]> I think thats already implemented.  Version is flagged as needs_config = False
06:24:00 <Disconsented> Okay so with some JS and Cross Origin Resource Sharing I've come up with https://disconsented.com/posts/build-guides/august-2016/, Any ideas on how to make that reuseable?
06:27:34 <[Tritium]> Custom template
06:27:50 <[Tritium]> .. template: mytemplate.tmpl
06:27:57 <Disconsented> Custom template support directives?
06:28:26 <[Tritium]> What directives are you using in your .. raw: directive?
06:28:57 <Disconsented> Bit of JS
06:29:45 <[Tritium]> hold on...
06:29:45 <KwBot> [plugins] punchagan assigned issue #162 to punchagan: [orgmode] no syntax highlighting due to pygments -g flag https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/162
06:29:53 <KwBot> [plugins] punchagan assigned issue #163 to punchagan: [orgmode] support :results file and other raw org output from babel RESULTS block https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/163
06:30:04 <KwBot> [plugins] punchagan assigned issue #161 to punchagan: [orgmode] plugin import error due to encoding https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/161
06:30:12 <Disconsented> cool
06:33:04 <[Tritium]> https://gist.github.com/tritium21/afd3006434c294acaec31ccfc6f151d7
06:33:15 <[Tritium]> you are going to have to hit raw on contact.rst.txt
06:33:19 <[Tritium]> it formatted it >.<
06:33:41 <[Tritium]> thats my contact form and custom template
06:34:53 <[Tritium]> removing .rst fixed it
06:35:30 <Disconsented> What I was planning to do was create a custom template to load in the CSS and JS I need then probably use the raw directive to invoke the script as needed
06:36:27 <Disconsented> But having to use the raw directive is kinda ehh
06:36:41 <Disconsented> But I don't really understand how thats useful [Tritium]
06:37:18 <[Tritium]> Disconsented: I am operating under the assumption that on any one page, you would only ever want to put one parts list, correct?
06:37:27 <Disconsented> No
06:37:45 <Disconsented> I would like to be able to have more than one
06:37:49 <[Tritium]> At that point, yes, you are in custom directive/shortcode land
06:38:26 <Disconsented> How would I go about the custom directive route?
06:38:32 <Disconsented> Plugin I write?
06:39:01 <[Tritium]> It would be a compiler plugin for the rst compiler... and I do not know how to make one
06:39:29 <Disconsented> Probably base it off Chris's project plugin
06:40:40 <[Tritium]> projectpages is a task plugin
06:41:58 <[Tritium]> link_figure is a custom directive
06:44:01 <[Tritium]> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/plugins/compile/rest/post_list.py might be a better one to look at
06:44:29 <Disconsented> that works
06:44:48 <[Tritium]> its an rest plugin that does template stuff
07:30:07 <Disconsented> cheers [Tritium]
09:29:15 <RocketLL> bah this ssl error
09:29:55 <RocketLL> welp
09:32:59 <RocketLL> Disconsented: I fixed it bb
09:33:08 <Disconsented> cant help
09:33:13 <RocketLL> >I fixed it
09:33:18 <Disconsented> oh
09:33:20 <Disconsented> tured
09:33:23 <Disconsented> tired
09:33:24 <Disconsented> yes
09:33:26 <Disconsented> good job
09:33:29 <RocketLL> just changed the https into http
09:33:33 <RocketLL> yey
09:33:37 <Disconsented> that works
14:05:49 <RocketLL> Hullo, is anyone here?
14:06:24 <RocketLL> So I used bootswatch to install a bootswatch, how can I change the header color?
14:19:22 <KwBot> [plugins] atiro opened issue #164: Generic compile extension plugin https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/164
14:37:13 <RocketLL> So I install a bootswatch
14:37:34 <RocketLL> Then go into bootswap3's base.tmpl
14:38:08 <RocketLL> and edit the header to navbar-default
14:38:11 <RocketLL> But it doesn't work.
14:38:14 <RocketLL> Any help?
14:47:04 <ChrisWarrick> RocketLL: is this reflected in your output html?
14:47:11 <RocketLL> lets see
14:47:24 <RocketLL> Oh, it's probably not a browser cache issue 
14:48:02 <RocketLL> Aaaaand it is reflected in output
14:48:13 * RocketLL shrugs
14:50:21 <RocketLL> Is it a problem with nikola serve, then?
14:51:46 <ChrisWarrick> (a) that (b) you're not really using nikola serve
14:52:18 <RocketLL> I don't understand?
14:54:27 <ChrisWarrick> perhaps you're actually testing on your deployed site
14:57:34 <RocketLL> Umm, nope
14:57:39 <RocketLL> Doing nikola serve -b
14:57:47 <RocketLL> That's right, right?
15:23:11 <RocketLL> ChrisWarrick: Welp, this is so weird
15:35:07 <KwBot> [plugins] Kwpolska closed issue #161: [orgmode] plugin import error due to encoding https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/161
15:39:46 <KwBot> [plugins] Kwpolska closed issue #164: Generic compile extension plugin https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/164
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16:23:42 -GitHub[themes]:#nikola- nikola-themes/master 5ab7a58 Chris Warrick: Update zen-jinja and zen-ipython...
18:18:14 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #2458: lxml wheel fails, tries to use libxml2 2.9.3, brew has installed 2.9.4 https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2458
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20:31:38 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/add-data-metadata ee78400 Roberto Alsina: mention shortcodes on data docs
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20:32:50 <[Tritium]> is yaml a dependency of nikola?
20:32:55 <polyzen> [Tritium], https://ptpb.pw/rL8b
20:33:26 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to rss-for-sections: https://git.io/v6D0B
20:33:26 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/rss-for-sections 888884e Roberto Alsina: copypasta
20:33:32 <polyzen> probably worth noting that I haven't updated my config and what-not in some time
20:33:45 <polyzen> since 7.7.3
20:33:55 <[Tritium]> am I missing half of a conversaion?
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20:34:16 <polyzen> 00:08:33     [Tritium] | I think thats already implemented.  Version is flagged as needs_config = False
20:34:35 <polyzen> polyzen | o/ wouldn't it make more sense to not always read the config?
20:34:36 <[Tritium]> ah
20:34:37 <[Tritium]> i was
20:35:37 <polyzen> well.. that's sorta how IRC works :p
20:37:18 <[Tritium]> IRC is more ephemerial.  You dont except someone to respond to you without provding at least some context
20:38:17 <polyzen> sure, if you can't recall the context
20:40:10 <[Tritium]> either way, ralsina is actually active (he is commiting a bunch of code!) and he is better suited to discuss not reading the config
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20:40:32 * ralsina appears in a cloud of smoke
20:40:40 <ralsina> You caaaaallleddd?
20:40:44 <polyzen> ^^
20:41:15 <polyzen> ralsina, I was thinking, if not for anything else, you could ink out a little speed if you skip reading the config in certain cases
20:41:16 <[Tritium]> polyzen: was discussing the idea of some command plugins not reading the config (like... version, and i presume help)
20:41:26 <ralsina> [Tritium]: yaml should not be a dependency. If something asks for yaml, it should be an optional thing.
20:41:49 <ralsina> the short answer is "probably yes"
20:42:20 <ralsina> OTOH my last attempt to get some startup speedup (loading plugins only if needed was a ton of work :-)
20:42:51 <ralsina> Right now, IIRC, needs_config only means "this plugin will work if you don't have a config"
20:42:53 <polyzen> :o
20:45:16 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7480 (master - 6ff537f : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
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20:46:23 <ralsina> Now I remember why I don't try to do so many things on Nikola on weekends anymore. I am **tired**
20:50:21 <[Tritium]> ralsina: i am looking at nikola.utils.load_data and thinking... could it be configured (so that I can get my serialization format of choice in there)
20:50:34 <ralsina> [Tritium]: yep
20:50:42 <ralsina> [Tritium]: probably just 3 or 4 LOC
20:51:04 <ralsina> [Tritium]: or you mean something pluggable? That seems overkill, there are not that many formats in general use :-)
20:51:30 <[Tritium]> ralsina: toml will be very much in general...python...use soon
20:51:48 <ralsina> [Tritium]: sure, let's add it! Is there a library for reading it?
20:52:10 <ralsina> [Tritium]: it's just an optional import like yaml, and then copy/paste the reading code
20:52:17 <[Tritium]> ralsina: I think distutils-sig/pip/et. al. are standardizing on pytoml
20:52:48 <ralsina> [Tritium]: the API looks identical to json and yaml, so we could even simplify that code a lot
20:53:23 <ralsina> [Tritium]: want to do the branch, or prefer if I do? I will not do it today tho :-)
20:53:39 <ralsina> If you won't do it right away, file an issue, or everyone will forget
20:54:12 <[Tritium]> I'll file an issue for the moment.  Family, feeding, etc.  Wont have time for several hours
20:55:03 <ralsina> same here
20:55:20 <ralsina> plus it's "children's day" so extra pokemon hunting with my son
20:57:24 <KwBot> [nikola] tritium21 opened issue #2466: .. data:: could support TOML https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2466
20:58:32 <[Tritium]> And with that, its time to light the grill
21:01:13 <polyzen> ralsina, so the config thing is a known issue? no need to open an issue?
21:01:22 <ralsina> polyzen: not really
21:01:25 <polyzen> "known issue"
21:01:30 <ralsina> polyzen: I mean "not really known" :-)
21:01:31 <polyzen> okay :)
21:01:35 <polyzen> hm
21:01:47 <ralsina> polyzen: feel free to open an issue, someone may take a look someday
21:02:22 <polyzen> ralsina, should it be about dynamic loading of plugins or?
21:02:55 <ralsina> polyzen: about "when a command doesn't require a config, don't load the config" maybe
21:03:23 <ralsina> although it probably needs a separate flag, needs_config is not perfect for this
21:04:09 <polyzen> will do
21:12:45 <ralsina> Also, 1.3 seconds in my rather speedy computer for nikola help is really slow :-(
21:13:42 <ralsina> and almost 2 sec for nikola version is even slower!
21:14:51 <ralsina> polyzen: not loading conf.py seems to make no difference here
21:15:06 <ralsina> polyzen: at least, that's what I see by running the same commands in a folder without a conf.py
21:15:12 <bussiere> hi
21:15:18 <ralsina> hi bussiere
21:15:46 <bussiere> i wlould like to know how to force rebuild
21:15:53 <ralsina> bussiere: "nikola build -a"
21:15:54 <bussiere> because i've changed a shortcode
21:15:58 <bussiere> thanks
21:16:18 <ralsina> OTOH, in github master I have fixed all shortcode dependency issues (unless I missed one ;-)
21:16:53 <bussiere> i've changed a short code and when i open the file this is not changed (maybe from me and some cache issue)
21:19:05 <bussiere> i'am making some fun with pouchdb and ipfs
21:19:29 <bussiere> i will come back tomorow for some question again thanks btw
21:20:11 <polyzen> ralsina ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
21:20:32 <ralsina> bussiere: sounds interesting!
21:20:54 <ralsina> bussiere: you may be interested in the new "template" shortcode currently in master
21:21:06 <ralsina> bussiere: basically, just put the shortcode in the post and not need a separate file
21:21:48 <ralsina> Alternatively, there's now access from shortcodes to the post object, so you can do things like having a shortcode to format data, and have the post contain the data
21:22:03 <ralsina> I think that whole area is getting a lot more fun with this weekend's improvements
21:52:32 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #2467: Research staticman https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2467
21:56:50 <KwBot> [nikola] polyzen opened issue #2468: Only read config when necessary https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2468
22:53:31 <[Tritium]> Is there a listing diff thingy?
22:55:18 <[Tritium]> I guess there is with sphinx extensions installed
22:56:06 <[Tritium]> nope, it doesnt support .. literalinclude
22:57:05 <[Tritium]> It would just output the same as diff -u anyways
23:11:25 <[Tritium]> oh, rstdiff saves me from writing my own