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03:31:07 <RocketLL> Is this place alive?
03:31:11 <RocketLL> So I have rocketll.com
03:31:16 <RocketLL> which is running nikola.
03:31:26 <RocketLL> And, as you can tell, it's shit
03:31:45 <RocketLL> First of all, how can I change my front page to a proper index?
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03:58:37 <[Tritium]> RocketLL: ...you did something to the config... it is a regular index by default
03:59:25 <[Tritium]> You have a page named index, and PAGES set to be at the root of your site
03:59:44 <RocketLL> Hmm
03:59:48 <RocketLL> so how do i fix it?
04:01:03 <[Tritium]> You dont have much content and you are using the default template, so starting over would be fairly straight forward.  I take it you dont want a blog?
04:01:18 <RocketLL> Yep, I think I'll just nuke it.
04:15:24 <RocketLL> [Tritium]: So I took this https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html example
04:15:42 <RocketLL> And added a few pages, but the front page is still empty.
04:16:05 <[Tritium]> The front page wasnt empty when you linked it... just sparse
04:16:34 <[Tritium]> you had a file named index.rst, that got converted to index.html, and was served by your server.
04:17:11 <RocketLL> I just uked the site on my local machine and served it using nikola serve for now
04:27:06 <RocketLL> Okay, I have no fucking idea of what I'm doing.
04:29:25 <RocketLL> Maybe I should just use a simpler CMS and fuck Disconsented.
04:30:54 <Disconsented> rude
04:30:57 <[Tritium]> There is a learning curve to using Nikola.  That and lord knows I am not the best person to be offering help (when I dont understand a part of it, I read the code, then hack it in place...)
04:31:13 <[Tritium]> but its a really shallow learning curve it you take an afternoon with it
04:34:08 <Disconsented> RocketLL> What do you mean by index? Just want to list all your pages/stories?
04:34:57 <RocketLL> Disconsented: 1sec, lemme show you
04:36:09 <RocketLL> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
04:36:24 <RocketLL> http://imgur.com/a/2XlRq
04:36:28 <RocketLL> Lol what am i doing
04:36:51 <Disconsented> Looks like a normal blank site to me
04:37:07 <RocketLL> Well except it probably shouldn't be if I'm right?
04:37:18 <RocketLL> I added a few pages to it
04:37:27 <RocketLL> Taking https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html this example
04:38:25 * RocketLL slowly crawls toward wordpress
04:38:28 <Disconsented> no
04:38:30 <Disconsented> naughty
04:38:40 <Disconsented> Well I cant see what the issue is
04:38:48 <Disconsented> push it to your server
04:39:03 <RocketLL> welp, okie
04:39:30 <RocketLL> i probably should use sftp
04:39:31 <RocketLL> oh well
04:39:41 <[Tritium]> rsync
04:39:50 * RocketLL doesnt give  a shit
04:40:06 <[Tritium]> (unless its windows to unix, in which case rsync is too much of a pita)
04:41:14 <RocketLL> I honestly don't see the advantage of a static gen over a cms for me
04:41:20 <RocketLL> "Security" I don't care about.
04:41:25 <RocketLL> Load times, meh
04:44:05 <RocketLL> Disconsented: pushed
04:44:17 <RocketLL> Oops, I put the /output/ in
04:44:19 <RocketLL> Welp shit
04:45:11 <RocketLL> Disconsented: http://rocketll.com/output/
04:45:39 <Disconsented> so?
04:46:07 <RocketLL> Is the page supposed to be blank?
04:46:12 <Disconsented> Looks like it
04:46:19 <Disconsented> Archive doesnt show anything
04:46:27 <RocketLL> http://rocketll.com/output/about
04:46:39 <RocketLL> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
04:46:50 <Disconsented> Ah so you're starting with the config you used last time
04:47:14 <Disconsented> Yeah I don't do it that way so I can't really help with that
04:48:11 <RocketLL> Oh well then
04:48:21 <Disconsented> CW should be able to help
04:48:51 <Disconsented> Wait, what are you trying to achieve RocketLL?
04:49:00 <RocketLL> i dont know anymore honestly
04:49:06 <RocketLL> what am i doing with nikola?
04:49:10 <RocketLL> what am i doing in general?
04:49:16 <RocketLL> what am i doing with my life?
04:49:20 <Disconsented> Like what do you want your site fore
04:49:21 <Disconsented> for*
04:49:38 <RocketLL> Well, test it out for pc builds for now
04:50:05 <RocketLL> And if I can get it to look decent, eventually use it over my other personal website running wp for my cv and stuff.
04:58:07 <RocketLL> Disconsented: oh well
04:58:16 <Disconsented> hand on a moment
04:58:19 <Disconsented> playing with stuff
05:01:03 <Disconsented> RocketLL> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#post-list
05:01:14 <Disconsented> So you just want an index page that lists that right?
05:03:17 <RocketLL> Yes
05:08:05 <RocketLL> Disconsented: How do i edit my front/index page?
05:08:28 <Disconsented> just need to edit the index.rst file
05:08:31 <Disconsented> then rebuild
05:09:06 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to rss-for-sections: https://git.io/v6MJf
05:09:06 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/rss-for-sections 1ccfade Roberto Alsina: new path handler
05:10:18 <RocketLL> Where the fuck is index.rst...?
05:10:54 <ralsina> RocketLL: can you share your conf.py
05:10:59 <RocketLL> No.
05:11:04 <RocketLL> It's very personal.
05:11:07 <ralsina> RocketLL: I am sure I can get you on track in 5 minutes
05:11:19 <ralsina> RocketLL: ok, can you share the POSTS and PAGES settings in your conf.py?
05:11:21 <[Tritium]> (he should know, he wrote most of it)
05:11:24 <RocketLL> My conf.py is an introvert, she refuses to be shared
05:11:49 <Disconsented> lol
05:11:52 <Disconsented> http://insecure.disconsented.com/rocketll/output/
05:11:53 <ralsina> RocketLL: it's 2 AM here. I am going to offer to help for anopther 30 seconds. Feel free to not get helped if you prefer :-)
05:12:01 <Disconsented> So thats more or less what you want to achieve?
05:12:06 <Disconsented> he is being a dork ralsina
05:12:09 <RocketLL> http://pastebin.com/wZduU8gT
05:12:13 <RocketLL> I'm kidding dammit :p
05:12:20 <Disconsented> See ^
05:12:25 <ralsina> Disconsented: anyone can be anything he wants, I just don't want to waste time
05:12:30 <ralsina> looking
05:12:32 <Disconsented> fair enough
05:12:57 <ralsina> RocketLL: ok, you don't have anything generating /index.html
05:13:06 <RocketLL> Ah, makes sense
05:13:17 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#7474 (rss-for-sections - 1ccfade : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
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05:13:18 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/153737884
05:13:26 <ralsina> RocketLL: the things you put in stories/ are being put in output/stories, the things from posts are being put in output/posts
05:13:42 <RocketLL> Yep, I understand
05:13:59 <ralsina> RocketLL: now, you have to choose. If you want an editable frontpage, make stories go to output/, if you want an automatic frontpage showing latest posts, you want to put posts in output
05:14:18 <RocketLL> I'd like the 1st option...
05:14:38 <ralsina> For the 1st option, change the contents of POSTS to be like ("posts/*.rst", "posts", "post.tmpl")
05:14:48 <ralsina> lines 171, 172, 173 of your conf.py
05:15:00 <ralsina> ah, sorry, that's the 2nd choice
05:15:17 <ralsina> For the 1st choice, the same thing but on PAGES, lines 176-178
05:15:39 <ralsina> (don't do both, or weird things will happen later)
05:15:54 <RocketLL> PAGES = (
05:15:54 <RocketLL>     ("posts/*.rst", "posts", "post.tmpl"),
05:15:54 <RocketLL>     ("posts/*.txt", "posts", "post.tmpl"),
05:15:54 <RocketLL>     ("posts/*.html", "posts", "post.tmpl"),
05:15:54 <RocketLL> 	)
05:15:57 <RocketLL> Like that?
05:16:01 <ralsina> Nope
05:16:14 <ralsina> Sorry, it's late I said it wrong
05:16:16 <ralsina> 1 sec
05:16:25 <ralsina> PAGES = (
05:16:34 <Disconsented> welp ralsina has this, Im going back to my essay
05:16:46 <ralsina>     ("stories/*.rst", "", "story.tmpl")
05:16:49 <ralsina> and so on
05:17:07 <RocketLL> Yep, I read the getnikola.com entry on that
05:17:22 <RocketLL> Done
05:17:33 <ralsina> ok, once you have that, then you need to have a story that goes to "index.html"
05:18:10 <ralsina> To do that, if you have a page created already, set its slug to index
05:18:19 <ralsina> and rebuild
05:18:34 <RocketLL> Done, I think
05:18:58 <ralsina> ok, rebuild and look
05:19:22 <ralsina> Now anything you put in that file will appear as your frontpage
05:21:21 <RocketLL> ERROR: Two different tasks can't have a common target.'output/index.html' is a target for render_indexes:output/index.html and render_pages:output/index.html.
05:22:21 <ralsina> ah, we have to change one final setting
05:22:48 <ralsina> set INDEX_PATH='posts'
05:23:33 <ralsina> and then it should work
05:24:04 <RocketLL> There we go
05:25:12 <RocketLL> http://i.imgur.com/5QjnYET.png
05:25:37 <ralsina> So, it worked
05:26:06 <RocketLL> Yay, thanks!
05:26:53 <ralsina> you're welcome :-)
05:27:33 <RocketLL> Now how can I make it display my list of pages and make it look nice? :P
05:27:57 <ralsina> list of pages, or list of posts?
05:28:09 <Disconsented> You can lists posts based on a tag
05:28:18 <ralsina> posts are things with dates, that form a blog
05:28:26 <ralsina> pages are just pages, as in any regular site
05:29:34 <RocketLL> I'd prefer a paged normal site
05:29:34 <ralsina> If you want, in your frontpage, to show links to your latest posts, you can use post-list.
05:30:14 <ralsina> RocketLL: "paged normal site" doesn't really explain it
05:30:34 <RocketLL> The list of pages
05:30:41 <ralsina> RocketLL: ALL your pages?
05:30:52 <RocketLL> sure
05:31:16 <ralsina> usually that sucks, but sure, 1 sec
05:31:43 <ralsina> https://plugins.getnikola.com/#navstories
05:32:18 <ralsina> run that command "nikola plugin -i navstories", rebuild and you will have links to all your pages on the sidebar on the left
05:32:58 <ralsina> If you prefer something less automatic, you can later uninstall the plugin  and just edit NAVIGATION_LINKS in conf.py
05:42:08 <RocketLL> okie, thanks!
06:23:22 <travis-ci> Wheelhouse build by requires.io: The build passed. See https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/wheelhouse/builds/153743033.
06:33:14 <travis-ci> Wheelhouse build by Chris Warrick: The build passed. See https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/wheelhouse/builds/153743907.
07:45:21 <KwBot> [nikola] xuhdev opened issue #2464: Support images in NAVIGATION_LINKS https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2464
08:21:30 <RocketLL> Question!:
08:21:38 <RocketLL> So if I have a page as /fruits/apple
08:21:45 <RocketLL> And another one as /fruits/oranges
08:22:01 <RocketLL> How can I make /fruits display /apple and /oranges in it?
08:22:54 <RocketLL> Disconsented: ^
08:22:58 <RocketLL> help me kiwi
08:27:17 <Disconsented> https://disconsented.com/posts/spotted/spotted/ https://disconsented.com/posts/spotted/dick/dick/
08:27:17 <Disconsented> yes
08:27:54 <Disconsented> RocketLL> http://puu.sh/qHOLf/1b9ba385bc.png
08:28:22 <RocketLL> edit slug, right?
08:28:24 <RocketLL> kthx
08:28:31 <RocketLL> YOU DAMN KIWI
08:28:56 <Disconsented> :^)
08:28:59 <RocketLL> Also, can pages have tags?
08:29:22 <Disconsented> well there is a field for it
08:29:25 <Disconsented> so I assume so
08:30:18 <RocketLL> doesnt seem to work...
08:31:48 <RocketLL> well this is weird
08:32:55 <Disconsented> RocketLL> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#how-does-nikola-decide-where-posts-should-go
08:33:02 <Disconsented> read the note just below it
08:34:09 <RocketLL> dont get it
08:37:04 <Disconsented> Basiclly you can create a folder in where ever nikola is searching for your posts
08:37:19 <Disconsented> and it will be refeflected when you build
08:37:59 <Disconsented> https://disconsented.com/posts/foo/dick/
08:37:59 <Disconsented> That file is located at /posts/foo/dick.rst
08:38:24 <RocketLL> well duh, I figured that out
08:38:33 <RocketLL> But how do I make categories work? Hmm
08:39:25 <Disconsented> Just put somthing in the field
08:39:44 <RocketLL> And then how do I view pages in that category?
08:40:07 <Disconsented> http://rocketll.com/categories/
08:40:14 <[Tritium]> posts, and not pages, can have a category
08:40:18 <RocketLL> Ah
08:40:20 <RocketLL> makes sense
08:40:34 <Disconsented> ah there you go
08:40:58 <RocketLL> misleading how there still is tag and category in pages
08:41:41 <[Tritium]> because the same metadata gets plastered in the top of all new blank rst files that nikola creates
08:42:10 * RocketLL has no idea what anyone is talking about
08:42:44 <RocketLL> Maybe I should just use posts.
08:42:54 <RocketLL> But then it's a "little" ugly
08:45:17 <[Tritium]> Nikola, and most SSGs...and most CMSes for that matter... do very little when it comes to the concept of "Pages".  They are for all intents and purposes, static content.  What most software adds features for is periodic articles (blog posts, news stories, et. al.).  Building a static site of only pages you are essentially asking nikola to just compile RST to HTML, and run it through a template 
08:45:17 <[Tritium]> engine, and thats about it
08:45:49 <RocketLL> Makes sense.
08:46:12 <RocketLL> What's the difference between post and page?
08:46:21 <RocketLL> post shows date+time and is in a blog format?
08:47:02 <[Tritium]> post is in a timeline format (blog) and has all the cool features turned on, page is not in the timeline format and has all the cool features turned off
08:47:07 <Disconsented> Mostly the same but: They're not added to the post list, don't appear on RSS feeds and use a different template
08:47:19 <Disconsented> at least according to the handbook
08:48:54 <[Tritium]> not in the post list (which means not in rss, not in categories, not in sections, not in tags, not in rss for any of the previous), comments disabled on them by default, and yeah, the template is slightly different
08:50:10 <RocketLL> So
08:50:24 <RocketLL> A page would make more sense for a /about/ page or similar.
08:50:27 <RocketLL> Ah
08:50:32 <RocketLL> I get it, thanks
08:50:44 <RocketLL> Disconsented: Look what you've gotten me into, you damn bloody kiwi
08:50:48 <[Tritium]> exactly
08:50:49 <Disconsented> :3
09:50:16 <RocketLL> Well this is weird
09:50:33 <RocketLL> So I edited my conf.py's NAVIGATION_LINKS
09:50:37 <RocketLL> Deleted the RSS
09:50:45 <RocketLL> But when I rebuild and serve, it's still there
09:51:16 <RocketLL> Disconsented: ^
09:51:29 <Disconsented> nikola clean
09:51:31 <Disconsented> then build
09:51:55 <RocketLL> nope
09:52:05 <RocketLL> didnt do it
09:52:12 <Disconsented> You did save the file right?
09:52:20 <Disconsented> might be cached, ctrl + f5
09:54:58 <RocketLL> nope
09:55:01 <RocketLL> i did save
09:55:21 <RocketLL> NAVIGATION_LINKS = {
09:55:21 <RocketLL>     DEFAULT_LANG: (
09:55:21 <RocketLL>         ("/categories/", "Categories"),
09:55:21 <RocketLL>     ),
09:55:21 <RocketLL> }
09:56:58 <RocketLL> weird af
12:38:05 <RocketLL> Disconsented: hai
12:49:26 <RocketLL> Can anyone else help me out here?
12:54:32 <RocketLL> This is so weird.
13:21:50 <RocketLL> Alright, I think it's because of my index.rst with INDEX_PATH='posts'
13:22:00 <RocketLL> I don't think it's working properly for some reason.
13:22:31 <RocketLL> When I'm in the front page(/), the NAVIGATION_LINKS doesn't work properly, but when I'm in another section of the sites it does work.
13:42:58 <ralsina> RocketLL: navigation links should be written relative to output/ and they will always work
13:43:13 <RocketLL> What does that mean?
13:43:18 <ralsina> RocketLL: so, for example, if you want to link to posts/foo.html just use /posts/foo.html
13:43:31 <ralsina> Nikola will fix the link as needed on every page in the site
13:43:43 <RocketLL> Well, I was doing that.
13:43:53 <RocketLL> But when I built then served, it didn't update the site.
13:44:17 <ralsina> RocketLL: sorry, I don't understand you
13:44:21 <RocketLL> Alright
13:44:38 <RocketLL> So after I edited the NAVIGATION_LINKS, I built then served it to test.
13:44:39 <ralsina> you changed conf.py, buuilt then the site was not changed?
13:44:45 <RocketLL> ralsina: correct.
13:44:49 <RocketLL> More specifically,
13:44:58 <t_animal> hey! on my start page I want a small sidebar including the archive and categories index page. I've dug quite deep into the nikola sources and looked at render_archive. I gather my goal is not easily achieved. am I correct? 
13:44:58 <ralsina> that should not happen, but if it does, "nikola build -a"
13:45:11 <RocketLL> Alright, what does that option do?
13:45:17 <ralsina> "build all"
13:45:24 <ralsina> t_animal: oh, it sure can be done :-)
13:45:43 <ralsina> t_animal: are you using the blog posts as start page, or a custom one?
13:45:45 <t_animal> ralsina: *please* tell me. I'm trying my luck for hours.
13:45:50 <t_animal> the blog posts
13:45:58 <RocketLL> alright, thanks
13:46:07 <ralsina> t_animal: ok, what theme?
13:46:21 <t_animal> I even thought about iterating the blogs via prev_post() in jinja, but that's rather meh. 
13:46:35 <t_animal> I'm currently writing my own. If you can hint me at one which already does it that would be enough
13:46:55 <ralsina> t_animal: ok, most themes will display some sort of sidebar or menu using NAVIGATION_LINKS
13:47:08 <ralsina> t_animal: you can put anything there
13:47:32 <t_animal> but that would have to be done in the config, right?
13:47:43 <ralsina> t_animal: yes
13:48:43 <ralsina> t_animal: if you want to do it in code, you can do a custom plugin, similar to this one: https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/tree/master/v7/navstories that puts all pages in the navigation links
13:49:15 <ralsina> t_animal: or if you want to keep an external file describing the menu, you can load it from conf.py
13:49:31 <ralsina> t_animal: there are many ways to skin a cat :-)
13:50:25 <t_animal> I just wanna touch the config as seldom as possible. at least not every time i add a new category (I'd probably just forget). so I'll take a look at the plugin.
13:50:26 <t_animal> thanks!
13:50:42 <ralsina> t_animal: you're welcome
13:51:13 <ralsina> t_animal: in fact, if you do a plugin that takes categories and puts them in the nav links, it sounds useful, and I'd love to add it to the plugin repo <wink wink>
13:51:31 <t_animal> sure, I'll send you a pull request
13:52:38 <ralsina> Whoa, looking at stats I pushed an absurd amount of code into Nikola yesterday..
13:55:38 <RocketLL> ralsina: If I want to make /animal/dog and /animal/cat, do I just edit the slug of dog.rst and cat.rst?
13:56:04 <ralsina> RocketLL: what's the path of dog.rst and cat.rst?
13:56:16 <RocketLL> inside posts
13:56:26 <RocketLL> If that's what you mean
13:56:33 <ralsina> I would put them in posts/animal/dog.rst and posts/animal/cat.rst
13:56:46 <ralsina> that way it's easier to remember where each thing will end up
13:57:00 <RocketLL> Okay
13:57:11 <RocketLL> If I do that then build, would they automatically work?
13:58:45 <RocketLL> And if I go into blahblah.com/posts/animal, what would happen? ralsina
13:59:00 <ralsina> RocketLL: there will probably be nohing there
13:59:13 <ralsina> RocketLL: if you want something there, write posts/animal
13:59:17 <ralsina> posts/animal.rst
13:59:18 <RocketLL> "Nothing" as in 404 or a blank?
13:59:33 <RocketLL> Alright, thanks
13:59:34 <ralsina> depending on your server, 404 or a directory listing
13:59:38 <RocketLL> Okie dokie
14:00:58 <RocketLL> Haha now my links are getting obscenely long, lol
14:03:11 <ralsina> RocketLL: the URLs?
14:03:25 <RocketLL> Yes, it's my problem
14:03:29 <RocketLL> Not Nikola's
14:04:53 <RocketLL> One last thing: How can I make it show the links to dog and cat inside animal's page?
14:05:20 <ralsina> RocketLL: 1 sec
14:05:32 <ralsina> RocketLL: if you are writing posts/animal.rst just put them there yourself
14:05:41 <RocketLL> Okie.
14:05:43 <ralsina> If you want something automated, I need to find the setting
14:05:57 <RocketLL> That'd be nice
14:06:44 <ralsina> STORY_INDEX = True
14:06:52 <ralsina> And we need to rename that PAGES_INDEX I think
14:07:07 <RocketLL> Hmm this is getting complicated :)
14:07:36 <ralsina> RocketLL: well, if you want to do things your way, it needs convincing :-)
14:07:49 <RocketLL> Ha.
14:07:51 <ralsina> RocketLL: if you want to do things the way Nikola wants to do them, you need change nothing ;-)
14:07:57 <RocketLL> Nikola seems pretty damn good
14:08:05 <ralsina> RocketLL: I like to think so
14:08:24 <ralsina> The number of config options is a bit out of control, tho
14:13:10 <RocketLL> ralsina: So just add STORY_INDEX = True (or unappend if it's there)?
14:21:20 <RocketLL> And what do I rename PAGES_INDEX to? ralsina
14:36:17 <ralsina> RocketLL: no, the renaming thing is something for us devs
14:36:26 <RocketLL> Oh, okie
14:36:30 <ralsina> RocketLL: just uncomment and/or set to True STORY_INDEX
14:36:32 <RocketLL> lawl
14:37:00 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #2465: Rename STORY_INDEX to PAGES_INDEX https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2465
14:37:06 <RocketLL> That was quick
14:37:54 <RocketLL> ralsina: Doesn't work... Is it because I'm using posts?
14:42:29 <ralsina> RocketLL: ah, you are using posts? Ok, we don't have that for posts.
14:42:34 <RocketLL> Aww
14:42:51 <RocketLL> then can I have animals as pages and dog/cat as posts?
14:42:53 <ralsina> Posts are supposed to be found using either the timeline, or tags, or whatever
14:42:57 <ralsina> Sure
14:43:08 <RocketLL> Well, how can I do that then?
14:43:17 <ralsina> You'll have to tweak POSTS and PAGES to output on the same place
14:43:27 <ralsina> "or something" :-)
14:43:36 * ralsina has to go cook
14:43:54 <RocketLL> welp okie
14:45:49 * RocketLL is scared alone
14:49:00 <RocketLL> Hmmmm...
14:49:01 <RocketLL> Hmm.
15:00:25 <RocketLL> ralsina: Welp, cant seem to figure it out ;-;
15:00:41 <ralsina> RocketLL: ok, let's see :-)
15:00:53 <ralsina> If food burns, I'm blaming you
15:01:03 <ralsina> RocketLL: remember POSTS and PAGES?
15:01:09 <RocketLL> no
15:01:15 <RocketLL> what the fuck is that?
15:01:16 <RocketLL> :p
15:01:25 <ralsina> ok, POSTS and PAGES in your conf.py
15:01:36 <ralsina> They are a few things with 3 elements each
15:01:40 <RocketLL> yep
15:01:46 <ralsina> the middle one is the "base" of where those things go
15:01:52 <RocketLL> rst txt and html
15:01:53 <RocketLL> yes yes
15:02:02 <ralsina> after that base it's the path of where the thing you wrote is, plus the slug
15:02:19 <RocketLL> Yep, I understand
15:02:23 <ralsina> So, if you want a page to go in output/posts/animal there are a few ways to do that
15:02:35 <ralsina> one is to have PAGES go to "" (which would be output/
15:03:02 <ralsina> then if you have a thing with the slug "animals" in your pages, it will go in output/animals/index.html
15:03:14 <RocketLL> Yep
15:03:24 <ralsina> it's all just playing with that "base" and the path and slug of what you wrote
15:03:36 <ralsina> with that, you should be able to put a page or a post anywhere you want
15:03:40 <RocketLL> Ah...
15:03:42 <RocketLL> okay
15:03:52 <ralsina> and that is all there is to it to be honest
15:04:03 <ralsina> except for PRETTY_URLS but let's pretend it doesn't exist ;-)
15:31:41 <RocketLL> ralsina: Are you there?
15:31:47 <ralsina> RocketLL: sort of
15:32:10 <RocketLL> http://hastebin.com/piladozoke.py
15:32:21 <RocketLL> TypeError: 'tuple' object is not callable
15:32:40 <RocketLL> oh wait
15:32:42 <RocketLL> nvm
15:32:50 <RocketLL> actually
15:32:59 <RocketLL> yes i need your help, why isn't this working?
15:33:17 <ralsina> you are missing a comma in line 11
15:33:29 <RocketLL> ah thx
15:33:38 <ralsina> or womething like that :-)
15:33:57 <ralsina> Usually "tuple not callable" means you ended up with (foo, bar)(bat, baz)
15:34:44 <RocketLL> Ah
15:34:48 <RocketLL> What's a tuple?
15:35:23 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #2464: Support images in NAVIGATION_LINKS https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2464
15:35:59 <ralsina> RocketLL: two or more elements between parenthesis
15:36:06 <RocketLL> I see.
15:36:09 <RocketLL> Interesting name
15:36:25 <ralsina> technically, you can have a one-element tuple, but it looks silly: (foo,)
15:37:04 <ralsina> RocketLL: the conf.py file is actually python code, so the syntax is perhaps a tad strange if you don't know the language
15:37:21 <RocketLL> Well, yes, it's .py :P
15:37:27 <ralsina> RocketLL: I have a long-delayed goal of enabling a more traditional config file
15:37:41 <RocketLL> I used to know teensy bit of python a while back but I've forgotten everything
15:37:47 <RocketLL> ralsina: That'd be nice
15:38:03 <ralsina> What the hell, I'll do it today
15:38:09 <ralsina> It's not hard, just annoying
15:38:28 <RocketLL> Welp, good luck I guess :o
15:39:29 <RocketLL> I think I got the basic frame down, deploying :D
15:39:34 <ralsina> cool!
15:40:01 <RocketLL> I should probably change hosts while im at it
15:41:42 <RocketLL> http://rocketll.com/
15:41:45 <RocketLL> decent i guess
15:41:52 <RocketLL> just gotta write stuff now
15:45:55 <ralsina> RocketLL: looks good enough :-)
15:45:59 <ralsina> If you liek android
15:46:06 <RocketLL> Yes
15:46:11 <RocketLL> I fucking love my 6p and 5x
15:50:10 <RocketLL> ralsina: How can I remove that ugly lowercase "index" in the front page?
15:50:14 <RocketLL> and all the other pages
15:51:49 <ralsina> RocketLL: usually that will be the title of the page
15:52:02 <RocketLL> hmm
15:52:03 <RocketLL> well
15:52:04 <RocketLL> okay
15:52:33 <ralsina> for any page where you don't want a visible title, add hidetitle: True in that page's metadata (the stuff at the top of the page file)
15:58:34 <RocketLL> okie
15:58:58 <RocketLL> .. hidetitle: True?
16:06:34 <ralsina> yes
16:08:03 <RocketLL> www.rocketll.com
16:08:06 <RocketLL> not to bad
16:13:25 <RocketLL> ralsina: 
16:13:26 <RocketLL> .. title: index
16:13:26 <RocketLL> .. slug: index
16:13:26 <RocketLL> .. date: 2016-08-20 22:19:23 UTC+09:00
16:13:26 <RocketLL> .. tags: 
16:13:26 <RocketLL> .. category: 
16:13:28 <RocketLL> .. link: 
16:13:30 <RocketLL> .. description: 
16:13:33 <RocketLL> .. type: text
16:13:35 <RocketLL> .. hidetitle: True
16:13:39 <RocketLL> woops, sorry for flood, but does not work
16:20:12 <ralsina> Maybe this theme doesn't support hidetitle, no idea
16:20:19 <ralsina> I have to go away for a bit
16:20:23 <RocketLL> Yep
16:20:27 <RocketLL> got everything sorted, I think
16:20:30 <RocketLL> Thanks a ton!
16:20:33 <RocketLL> www.rocketll.com
17:07:50 <ralsina> RocketLL: you're welcome!
18:21:05 <[Tritium]> ralsina: Do you understand the "multiple date format" issue?  Im on windows, and I dont understand it enough to reproduce
21:06:10 -GitHub[themes]:#nikola- [nikola-themes] xuhdev opened pull request #89: Zen: support LOGO_URL. (master...zen-logo) https://git.io/v6Mih
23:22:33 <KwBot> [plugins] jamescasbon opened issue #161: [orgmode] plugin import error due to encoding https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/161
23:24:05 <KwBot> [plugins] jamescasbon opened issue #162: [orgmode] no syntax highlighting due to pygments -g flag https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/162
23:39:46 <KwBot> [plugins] jamescasbon opened issue #163: [orgmode] support :results file and other raw org output from babel RESULTS block https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/163