Logs for #nikola for 2016-07-06

00:16:40 <charlesay> ChrisWarrick: i tried to install the import page plugin, but it failed apparently due to missing dependencies. i thought i had them installed. do you know which packages would be needed? 
06:17:18 <ChrisWarrick> !tell charlesay Flush left/right: you’d need CSS classes for that.  Footnotes: copy-paste the example exactly?  Import_feed: requires feedparser.
06:17:18 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
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06:40:30 <zdzichu> hi
06:43:03 <ChrisWarrick> cześć
06:44:32 <zdzichu> I cannot grasp the difference between indexes and archives
06:45:10 <zdzichu> and I have to, becuse after upgrading to 7.7.9 on fedora I can no longer build my blog
06:45:35 <ChrisWarrick> 7.7.9 is in the main repos already? awesome
06:45:48 <ChrisWarrick> pastebin full error please
06:46:20 <ChrisWarrick> but basically, indexes show all posts in reverse-chronological order, while archives show posts from a specific year/month
06:47:35 <zdzichu> Scanning posts......done!
06:47:35 <zdzichu> ERROR: Two different tasks can't have a common target.'output/2010/index.html' is a target for render_archive:output/2010/index.html and render_indexes:output/2010/index.html.
06:47:41 <zdzichu> that's all
06:48:32 <zdzichu> I can paste my full config somewhere
06:48:46 <KwBot> charlesay: 06:17:18 <ChrisWarrick> Flush left/right: you’d need CSS classes for that.  Footnotes: copy-paste the example exactly?  Import_feed: requires feedparser.
06:48:46 <ChrisWarrick> rm .doit.db
06:49:01 <ChrisWarrick> if that doesn’t help, pastebin config
06:51:33 <zdzichu> didn't help, https://enotty.pipebreaker.pl/conf.py
06:55:30 <ChrisWarrick> zdzichu: I can’t see anything wrong with this. Could you please make a .zip of your entire site archive and share it? (in private)
07:04:46 <charlesay> for the footnote I have "liegt [*]_ - schließlich" in the text and ".. [*]Das ist hier insofern gemeint, als es nicht ohnehin für alle Regeln der Fall ist." for the footnote text
07:06:01 <ChrisWarrick> charlesay: space between [*] and Das
07:06:06 <charlesay> sorry, never mind, found the mistake 
07:06:14 <charlesay> *was too slow
07:06:37 <ChrisWarrick> was that it or something else?
07:07:13 <charlesay> I am not clear yet on where to put css files to reference their classes
07:08:28 <ChrisWarrick> files/assets/css/custom.css
07:08:59 <charlesay> thanks
07:09:17 <charlesay> ... for all the help
07:09:56 <ChrisWarrick> zdzichu: oh, sections
07:10:38 <zdzichu> so I messes up while I merged old and new config?
07:10:42 <zdzichu> messed
07:11:25 <ChrisWarrick> zdzichu: disable POST_SECTIONS in conf.py. Nikola thinks /2012 is a section, and thus wants to produce a section index there, but /2012 is also a place to put archives in
07:15:23 <zdzichu> looks like it's working know
07:15:30 <zdzichu> awesome, thank you ChrisWarrick !
07:15:39 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome
07:15:50 <ChrisWarrick> tak btw, to w foncie RobotoDraft nie ma polskich znaczków i się podstawiają z innych
07:17:10 <zdzichu> meh, zawsze pod górę :/
07:18:22 <ChrisWarrick> najszybciej zrobić można Roboto i wziąć z google web fonts
07:18:29 <ChrisWarrick> z latin + latin-extended
07:32:48 <charlesay> hm, it's not working yet, how do i call a css class i defined in that file in a post?
07:34:12 <ChrisWarrick> .. class:: flush-right
07:34:18 <ChrisWarrick>     this should be on the right
07:37:08 <charlesay> hm, i don't yet see how i am not doing that
07:37:31 <charlesay> i am afk for a while now, thanks again for the help so far
07:38:53 <ChrisWarrick> charlesay: https://getnikola.com/license.rsthttps://getnikola.com/license.html  for an example with <p class="lead">
12:47:42 <charlesay> ChrisWarrick: ok, that was stupid, i forgot what i had called the css class and adressed it with a wrong name
22:31:33 <[Tritium]> https://github.com/docutils-mirror/docutils/blob/master/docutils/writers/html4css1/__init__.py#L666 << this line is the cause of no end of frustraition for me.  Fitting that its line 666
22:39:38 <charlesay> reading the handbook, i don't understand what Footer and BODY_END are options to/where they are set
22:43:41 <[Tritium]> BODY_END is a string that gets added just before the closing body tag.  use it to load <scripts>, etc.  footer is footer (visible) content for the site.
22:46:37 <charlesay> [Tritium]: what i don't get is what is the file to specify them in
22:47:27 <[Tritium]> charlesay: conf.py.  they are strings
22:47:41 <charlesay> ah, i see
22:57:31 <charlesay> what is the content for Footer that is used on the Nikola site?