Logs for #nikola for 2016-06-30

00:48:15 <ralsina> face
00:48:18 <ralsina> oops
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11:06:37 <ChrisWarrick> !tell acbd We really appreciate your ideas. Please open GitHub issues for discussion (or come in UTC daytime). In the meantime, here are some responses from me: https://gist.github.com/Kwpolska/3460e1c278b8808f88ef1ae262c2e2c4
11:06:37 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
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18:49:01 <KwBot> acbd: 23:53:57 <ralsina> Thanks for all the ideas, hope to catch up with you to discuss them further! You can also start feature requests in our issue tracker
18:49:01 <KwBot> acbd: 11:06:37 <ChrisWarrick> We really appreciate your ideas. Please open GitHub issues for discussion (or come in UTC daytime). In the meantime, here are some responses from me: https://gist.github.com/Kwpolska/3460e1c278b8808f88ef1ae262c2e2c4
18:49:11 <acbd> ralsina: hi
18:49:24 <acbd> also did some writing up and extending: http://dpaste.com/0C9KW1K
18:49:31 <acbd> (did not read your responses yet)
18:51:31 <acbd> meant your response, ChrisWarrick 
18:51:45 <acbd> sorry for the wall of text, maybe something useful comes out of it :)
18:52:03 <ChrisWarrick> acbd: could you create GitHub issues for all of that?
18:52:21 <ChrisWarrick> (one per proposed feature, of course)
18:52:30 <acbd> no github account (yet), sorry
18:52:58 <ChrisWarrick> right, could you please create one? Will make this a lot easier
18:55:42 <ChrisWarrick> as for nikola generate-config: https://getnikola.com/conf.html — a download link will appear there in about 2 minutes
18:55:57 <ChrisWarrick> well, 2 seconds*
18:56:21 <acbd> will probably create one soon
18:56:52 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- [nikola-site] Kwpolska pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/vopbN
18:56:52 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- nikola-site/master d0c4523 Chris Warrick: Add link to download conf.py...
18:56:52 -GitHub[site]:#nikola- nikola-site/master bb7aa8f Chris Warrick: Link needn’t be centered...
18:56:57 <ChrisWarrick> great
18:57:13 <ChrisWarrick> please read my remarks if you have time and respond here, I’ll be back in 45 minutes
19:01:14 <acbd> stories vs. pages: IMHO getting rid of the ambiguity wherever possible would be enough - if there's still "story.tmpl" in conf.py, that's ok; in templating docs, you could explain why this is called "story.tmpl", but in general non-templaters ("pages/*.rst", "pages", "story.tmpl") + renaming other options + adjusting docs would be better than ("stories/*.rst", "stories", "story.tmpl") and...
19:01:15 <acbd> ...docs both mixing pages and stories
19:04:23 <acbd> 2. please see my menu extension/alternative proposal :) wrt adding classes; regarding template-specific support, the handbook already contains a note "Support for submenus is theme-dependent. Only one level of submenus is supported."
19:05:05 <acbd> (^ about extra nesting level)
19:10:19 <acbd> .. type: vs. templating: using .. type + custom.css might have allowed some more lightweight styling (maybe i need to explain this further - also note that i didn't look much into templating yet)
19:11:21 <acbd> wrt. to config updating notice, i wrote down some simple idea (see the paste) - if you don't see a need for it, ok
19:12:28 <ChrisWarrick> re pages: we'd need to do v8 for that, there are some blockers for that
19:12:59 <acbd> regarding .. template vs. general templating - not enough templating knowledge yet)
19:13:07 <ChrisWarrick> re nesting: see above, but Nikola would allow more nesting if the template added one more loop
19:13:51 <ChrisWarrick> re config: we could try, but it's hard
19:14:31 <acbd> the semi-automatic updating?
19:14:53 <acbd> probably not worth the effort, was just a thought
19:15:58 <acbd> a simple "outdated" warning should be easy to do (see paste) if i didn't overlook anything
19:23:22 <ChrisWarrick> we already do that
19:23:55 <acbd> also if there are no deprecated options in the current conf.py?
19:25:18 <ChrisWarrick> that's not necessarily outdated
19:26:40 <ChrisWarrick> most settings are commented out, so the only reason to do this would be if you wanted to use a new setting, but you'd need to read the change log anyway
19:27:30 <acbd> ... or merge the new conf.py and read the nice comments :)
19:32:06 <acbd> new version: http://dpaste.com/31D0VSM - clarified "Additional menu nesting level" 
19:35:08 <acbd> (the config file notification/update was just an idea - by now it's probably one of the things i'm least interested in compared to the rest)
19:42:03 <ChrisWarrick> acbd: I'll read that tomorrow. Just please remember that backwards compatibility is a good thing to have, and we have some blockers for v8 which could break slme compatibility
19:46:19 <acbd> no hurry - i'll probably have a look at the irc logs or your gist from time to time in the next few days in case i can't be here
19:47:16 <acbd> (in case you by chance discuss it)
19:48:41 <acbd> (please keep in mind that i am a new nikola user with little templating experience and thus might have some weird misconceptions - in the beginning i simply wanted to give some quick feedback)
19:50:15 <ChrisWarrick> we appreciate all feedback
19:50:25 <acbd> :)
19:50:47 <ChrisWarrick> send all concerns to GitHub issues or to the mailing list (see Contact page on our website)
21:20:57 <KwBot> [plugins] ParaplegicRacehorse opened issue #154: upgrade_metadata lacks README https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/154