Logs for #nikola for 2016-06-10

10:34:38 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: I think we could do a debug flag that prevents lxml from doing it. Is not there yet, so maybe file an issue?
11:17:59 <KwBot> [nikola] s2hc-johan opened issue #2368: possibility to make lxml doing "smart things" https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2368
11:18:23 <s2hc_johan> ralsina: ^^^ done.
11:19:45 <s2hc_johan> ralsina: the nasty solution was to just remove that opening div from the file in output. not ideal but the benefit of a static site generator.
12:09:25 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: sed is the static generator's last source of help :-)
13:02:48 <[Tritium]> sed is enough of a pain that i JUST bult a python module to do something that sed is designed to do
13:46:14 <ralsina> [Tritium]: sed is a traditional tool, like the horse-pulled-plow and the desktop computer.
15:35:46 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska closed pull request #2367: Post is scheduled only if not draft or private (master...scheduled-not-draft-or-private) https://git.io/voYbQ
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16:12:12 <gour> hmm...it looks as if i want to port some pelican themes, i'd have to install pelican first. otoh, other possobility is to just use some CSS framework and start working on some theme from the scratch...
16:13:18 <gour> mc
16:15:11 <ralsina> gour: if they have a theme demo site, just work from it
16:15:27 <ralsina> gour: in most cases you want to develp on top of base at least
16:15:38 <ralsina> gour: there are LOTS of templates in a nikola theme
16:15:57 <gour> ralsina: they have theme demo site, but only provide screenshots and not 'live demo', afaict
16:16:08 <ralsina> too bad
16:16:42 <gour> are there any license restrictions for Nikola themes?
16:17:18 <ralsina> gour: each theme should have its own license, AFAIK
16:17:32 <ralsina> gour: if it's a theme I did, feel free to ask me for whatever license you need
16:18:41 <gour> e.g. using YAML framework requires to keep link to original site at the bottom - otherwise one has to buy the license. is building theme with it acceptable for Nikola?
16:19:16 <gour> ralsina: http://www.yaml.de/license.html
16:19:44 <ralsina> you can add that link, it's your site :-)
16:19:45 <ChrisWarrick> gour: that is completely fine
16:20:10 <ChrisWarrick> what anwful name though
16:20:12 <ChrisWarrick> an awful*
16:20:18 <ralsina> Why the hell would someone call a CSS framewaork "YAML" :-(
16:20:27 <gour> ok, for myself i do not mind to use any copyright, but use the theme and provide it to other Nikola users
16:20:28 * ralsina starts a CSS framework called HTML
16:20:44 <ChrisWarrick> 163 commits 2 branches 3 releases 8 contributors
16:20:47 <ralsina> gour: if you want others to use it, you *need* to give it a license
16:20:51 <ChrisWarrick> booring
16:21:19 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: we probably want to make the base theme something like PD or really-relaxed-BSD
16:21:32 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: doesn’t it inherit our MIT license?
16:21:38 <ralsina> by default, yes
16:21:46 <ralsina> it should be compatible with pretty much anything
16:21:55 <ChrisWarrick> which is about as relaxed as really relaxed BSD (2-clause) gets
16:22:09 <gour> i bet that in this case, framework is dictating to use CC-BY 2.0, right?
16:22:23 <ralsina> well
16:22:32 <ralsina> CC-BY 2.0 doesn't let you modify
16:22:42 <ralsina> so, no idea how that actually works
16:22:49 <ChrisWarrick> um, it does
16:23:07 <ralsina> right, I had it backwards
16:23:16 <ralsina> so, gour: do whatever you want
16:23:21 <ralsina> noone is going to complain
16:23:36 <ralsina> add the YAML link if you ever put a site someplace using that theme
16:23:57 <ChrisWarrick> gour: you might want to release your theme as CC-BY 2.0 just to be extra sure, but your content is not affected
16:24:12 <ralsina> I promise (and I suspect so would ChrisWarrickand Aeyoun) not to sue you for doing a Nikola theme ;-)
16:24:45 <ChrisWarrick> I’m not anywhere near America and I do not believe in a lawsuit culture
16:26:25 <gour> ok, let me work on the theme first...when i create something i'll submit it for your review
16:27:05 <gour> i also hate this court case and lawyers making money on 'intellectual property'
17:37:28 * ChrisWarrick just changed his blog license to CC BY-NC-SA (from BY-NC-ND)
17:49:03 <gour> mc
17:51:00 <ChrisWarrick> we’re not a terminal, are we now?
17:53:11 <gour> not  yet...irc client is on the right, so it happens that it receives input meant for the terminal's right tab :(
17:55:07 <ChrisWarrick> tiling WM/focus follows mouse?
17:56:45 <gour> no, i'm using gnome and its terminal is tiled-left, while hexchat is tiled-right and i switch windows via kbd
17:57:32 <gour> shift-left/right is for switching tabs...
17:58:29 <gour> and alt-left/right for switching #channels...so mistakes do happen..i apologize
18:03:23 <ChrisWarrick> on my desktop, a non-maximized window is a rare sight
18:11:03 <ralsina> I have always the browser maximized and everything else half-screen
18:11:11 <ralsina> editor, IRC, whatever
18:11:29 <ralsina> and the terminal is a drop-down
18:12:36 <gour> browser, emacs etc. are also full-sized, but terminals with few tabs and irc-client are left/right tiled here
18:13:04 <punchagan> I also rarely have a non-maximized window on my screen. 
18:13:05 <gour> i like that gnome can left/rigth tile windows via kbd
18:14:10 <ralsina> gour pretty much all WMs do nowadays
18:14:30 <ralsina> for example, in unity ctrl+super+left/right
18:15:04 <ralsina> ctrl+super+any-arrow (up maximizes, down un-maximizes)
18:16:12 <gour> super-/left/right here...never used unity, do you like it, ralsina?
18:16:27 <ralsina> gour: doesn't get in the way
18:16:37 <ralsina> gour: has a thing to launch things
18:16:49 <ralsina> and a thing that shows date/battery/network
18:16:54 <ralsina> what else does anyone need?
18:17:40 <ralsina> has shortcuts for all apps in the launcher, that's nice but I never remember to use them
18:17:50 <ralsina> since I have a touchscreen I just touch them
18:17:53 <gour> ralsina: weather forecast :-)
18:18:00 <ralsina> gour: I have a window
18:37:08 * ChrisWarrick loves my OSX-like desktop so much he will replace it with a real OSX desktop later this summer (hopefully)
18:37:19 <ChrisWarrick> s/my/his/
18:38:30 <ralsina> If I did not have to code stuff I would get a chromebook
18:38:38 <ralsina> my son has one, it's the best thing ever
18:38:56 <ralsina> no maintenance, costs peanuts, works just fine, does everything I need to do except coding
18:39:04 <ChrisWarrick> I feel it would limit me too much
18:39:16 <ralsina> if someone steals it, just buy another one, and you stilll have all your state there
18:39:58 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: for work I have to do things like setting 8 containers using orchestration stuff to test a branch
18:40:01 <ChrisWarrick> even if I didn’t code (and I could technically do it with ssh or vnc to my vps), there are tons of other things I wouldn’t mind doing that web browsers still suck at (TeX or even Microsoft Word)
18:40:18 <ralsina> office 365
18:40:33 <ralsina> And I am sure there is a LaTeX online thing somewhere
18:40:56 <ChrisWarrick> office 365 is not fully-fledged
18:41:02 <ChrisWarrick> google docs is utter garbage
18:41:17 <ChrisWarrick> there are online latex tools, but they are often inconvenient
18:41:21 <ralsina> Good enough for me
18:46:49 <ChrisWarrick> then again, I can do a lot of work over ssh, and if I had to, I could probably build some chromebook workflows
18:47:54 <ChrisWarrick> and I have a readily runnable jupyter notebook server there
18:52:38 <ralsina> whoa, chrome OS has a native SSH client in  hidden shell!
18:53:18 <ralsina> *and* bash!
18:53:27 <ralsina> I am now even further tempted :-)
19:01:21 <ChrisWarrick> it’s gentoo
19:03:51 <ralsina> HEY at some point we got over 1000 stars in GH!
19:04:00 <ralsina> up to 1011 right now
19:24:26 <punchagan> Oh yes. :) 
19:24:47 <punchagan> ralsina: We should do a release to put that in the release notes. :P 
19:28:58 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: (if you have no time, I can do the relase tomorrow midday)
19:41:28 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: please.
19:41:37 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: I expected to have some, but work swamped me