Logs for #nikola for 2016-06-09

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10:31:52 <gour> is there any possible problem when using jinja2 with python3.5?
11:05:09 <punchagan> gour: Do you see a bug? It works fine with my theme. 
11:48:28 <gour> punchagan: no, just asked considering that jinja does not list py3.5 compatibility (its latest relase was probably earlier)
12:19:18 <ChrisWarrick> gour: test first, ask questions later
14:27:22 <[Tritium]> gour: jinja2 works fine on python3.5
14:40:27 <gour> [Tritium]: thanks
20:35:51 <s2hc_johan> I've got a strange problem. I have my base.tmpl that I have in a own theme that has bootstrap3-jinja as parent. in base.tml there is {% block content %}....
20:36:24 <s2hc_johan> in index.tmpl we have "extend base.tmlp" and later {% block content %}...
20:36:54 <s2hc_johan> now comes the problem, in the output there is an extra <div class="">
20:37:06 <s2hc_johan> that I can't track down where it comes from
20:37:58 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: probably from lxml
20:38:11 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: if your HTML is malformed it tends to fix things
20:38:27 <ralsina> for example, if you put in head things that g in body it will move them
20:46:56 <s2hc_johan> "head things that g in body" what do you men with that?
20:47:28 <s2hc_johan> but it's fair to assume that I "only" need to validate base.tmpl and index.tmpl right
20:47:45 <s2hc_johan> there shouldn't be anything else in play right
21:39:56 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: for example a link element
21:40:12 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: to be honest, I'd need to see the templates to know what could be happening
21:40:42 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: for example, if there is a random </div> lxml may add the opening tag
21:41:54 <s2hc_johan> ralsina: hmm, ok I'll look. But the it only fails for the index.tmpl, posts and other parts work well. I'll dig deeper
21:42:03 <ralsina> s2hc_johan: ack
21:42:17 <s2hc_johan> is there any way of making lxml more verbose
21:43:40 <s2hc_johan> so that I can see errors it finds and "fix", or even better make it stop, so I can look for myself where I failed