Logs for #nikola for 2016-06-05

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07:45:13 <[Tritium]> huh.  mako jinja and genshi are all installed in my nikola virtualenv
07:45:38 <ChrisWarrick> we don’t go genshi
07:45:44 <[Tritium]> I know why 2 of those are there
07:45:58 <ChrisWarrick> a stray dependency?
07:46:07 <[Tritium]> i know why all there are.. rst2html5 needs genshi.
07:46:26 <[Tritium]> i had, but no longer use, the html5 renderer
07:46:33 <ChrisWarrick> ah, this thing
07:46:47 * ChrisWarrick uninstalls genshi and rst2html5
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09:53:06 <zoopp> Is it possible to add per page/post custom metadata and make it accessible to templates?
09:55:26 <zoopp> for example, I want to export an error code (.. error: 404) and then do something along the lines of  ${post.error} inside a template
09:59:28 <zoopp> ${post.meta('error')} seems to do it.
09:59:37 <ChrisWarrick> zoopp: yes
10:00:16 <ChrisWarrick> zoopp: https://github.com/Kwpolska/chriswarrick.com/blob/master/err/404.htmlhttps://github.com/Kwpolska/chriswarrick.com/blob/master/themes/kw/templates/err.tmplhttps://chriswarrick.com/404
10:00:52 <zoopp> thanks, I'll take a look at it
10:01:28 <ChrisWarrick> zoopp: another example would be my projectpages plugin, which does that, but with ~10 meta fields
19:27:00 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to requires-io-master: https://git.io/voJci
19:27:00 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/requires-io-master 78d0071 requires.io: [requires.io] dependency update
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