Logs for #nikola for 2016-05-02

08:02:43 <[Tritium]> ha!  the blog for a webframework (request/response wsgi framework...) uses nikola.  I find this ammusing
08:03:36 <[Tritium]> http://blog.startifact.com/ It looks like a nikola site with a slightly tweaked UI, and some of the behavior (disqus id's set to the location in the cache folder, for one) are nikola
09:05:28 <ChrisWarrick> Do they have a rss.xml that says <generator>https://getnikola.com/</generator> or similar?
09:08:25 <ChrisWarrick> yeah, it does
09:09:11 <ChrisWarrick> says http, he’s using an ancient version of Nikola (v7.6.0 or older)
09:37:09 <[Tritium]> Welp, I figured out how to build lxml reliably with pip to make a wheel for windows.... on the same release that has seamingly comprehensive wheels available on pypi
09:37:28 <[Tritium]> oh, no, not comprehensive.  nothing newer than 3.2
09:51:00 <ChrisWarrick> the gohlke wheels are sane enough
09:51:55 <[Tritium]> yeah
15:22:16 <mmattice> I can't seem to get get '.. TEASER_END' to work properly.  
15:23:23 <ralsina> mmattice: why, what happens?
15:24:04 <mmattice> I'm using rst, and if '.. TEASER_END' is right before quoted (just indented two spaces) text, it disappears the quoted text from the non-teased version.  If I put something after TE and before the quote, the quote shows up, but so does everything in the RSS feed.
15:24:26 <ralsina> mmattice: yes, because .. TEASER END is a comment
15:24:39 <ralsina> mmattice: and in rst, indented lines after that are included in the comment
15:24:56 <mmattice> ugh.
15:25:02 <ralsina> let me see if I can figure out a way to get out of that :-)
15:27:19 <ralsina> mmattice: do this... http://hastebin.com/yuquqoperi.txt
15:28:05 <ralsina> That adds an empty comment after the teaser marker, that way the parser knows the quote is a separate thing. Of course you end up with an empty comment in the HTML :-P
15:30:13 <mmattice> ralsina: and the part about the rest of the blog post being in the rss.xml even though FEED_TEASERS=True?
15:30:37 <ralsina> mmattice: one problem at a time
15:31:00 <mmattice> or not.  seems that fixed both?
15:31:19 <mmattice> weird that putting text there wouldn't though.
15:31:49 <ralsina> mmattice: can you give me a pastebin of what did *not* work ?
15:35:14 <mmattice> ralsina: https://pastebin.ca/3588789
15:35:38 <mmattice> which makes sense if the quoted section next is part of the comment.
15:36:02 <ralsina> ahhh right
15:36:36 <ralsina> yes, the problem with that is that "foo bar" becomes part of the comment, and Nikola doesn't recognize it as a teaser marker because it says "foo bar"
15:36:48 <ralsina> but you also mentioned that adding text made it so the teaser didn't work?
15:38:44 <mmattice> I think that may have been confusion on my part.  If there is quoted text after the .. TEASER_END, it doesn't recognize it as the TE though.
15:39:26 <ralsina> yes
15:39:40 <ralsina> it's actually a restructured text quirk
15:40:15 <ralsina> Nikola could be a bit more open and take as teaser markers comments that start with TEASER_END, maybe?
15:40:30 <ChrisWarrick> we sort of do
15:40:46 <ChrisWarrick> but let’s not try to be too smart about reST breakage
15:41:09 <mmattice> isn't reST the default?
15:42:42 <ChrisWarrick> it is
15:44:22 <mmattice> might suffice to include a way to stop the comment in the teaser docs on the web or add some comment stuff to the reST primer
15:48:59 <mmattice> Is there a way to make quoted text smaller than my text?
15:52:14 <ralsina> mmattice: CSS is your friend :-)
15:52:39 <mmattice> It's no friend of mine...
15:53:28 <ralsina> mmattice: ok, something like blockquote {font-size:85%} in custom.css should do it
15:54:01 <mmattice> droped into files?
15:54:03 <ralsina> in files/assets/css/custom.css
15:54:25 <ralsina> mind you, I did not test it, and I may be misremembering the name of the property :-)
15:54:33 <mmattice> heh
15:54:44 <mmattice> good enough.
16:09:17 <mmattice> ralsina: thanks for the help!
16:09:38 <ralsina> mmattice: did it work?
16:12:00 <mmattice> well, it sent me in the right direction at least.  I copied the chunk from the stock css and modified it a bit more.  Added a background color too.
16:32:11 <ralsina> mmattice: ok then, happy to help :-)
17:06:23 <mmattice> is there a way to get 'github_deploy' to only deploy checked in changes?  ie, something like git-buildpackage for debian stuff where it archives the current index and does a build from there
17:08:24 <ralsina> mmattice: well, everything in output/ is supposed to be chacked-in
17:08:42 <ralsina> mmattice: if you have random stuff there, you may want to check it for orphans before deploying
17:10:24 <mmattice> hrm
17:59:46 <ralsina> Hey, ChrisWarrick check out this theme! https://milgar.net/blog/a-new-beginning/
18:00:15 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: fancy, but the header feels a bit too large
18:00:20 <ralsina> yeah
18:00:29 <ralsina> but it does get the "scroll it out" nicely done
18:27:47 <mmattice> apparently nikola auto doesn't like emacs' .#backup# files in the files/assets/css directory
18:32:41 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: send a PR against auto/__init__.py lines 270~274, add it
18:38:37 <mmattice> huh, interesting
18:39:00 <mmattice> I'll mess with that.  Thanks ChrisWarrick 
18:40:04 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: I’m a vim person, ralsina is not an emacs person either, …
18:40:19 <ralsina> I am not an editor person, in general :-)
18:41:22 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: what do you write code with? a magnetized needle?
18:41:36 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: 2 steps above that, kwrite
18:41:44 <ChrisWarrick> I’d at least do kate
18:41:49 <ChrisWarrick> s/do/use/
18:41:50 <ralsina> nah, too fancy
18:42:03 <ralsina> I wrote a text editor once
18:42:16 <ralsina> https://code.google.com/archive/p/marave/
18:42:58 <mmattice> seems odd that the .startswith('.') would not have caught that.
18:43:12 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: maybe it gets full paths?
18:43:24 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: nice
18:43:31 <mmattice> fname is 'basename'd
18:43:35 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: I actually built a font tester recently, but without text saving capabilities
18:43:42 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: (I don’t have that file open right now)
18:44:13 <mmattice> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/plugins/command/auto/__init__.py#L270  -- although, I'm sure I'm probably not running master.
18:44:30 <ralsina> yeah, that should catch it
18:44:38 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: Unless you’re on Debian, you are close enough
18:44:46 <ChrisWarrick> last real edit was in February
18:44:51 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: marave sadly was done using the wrong technology
18:45:00 <ralsina> It could be redone using QML, I suppose
18:45:11 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: in other news, C++ is even more painful with Qt
18:45:35 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: hahaha, well, Qt made C++ bearable for me
18:45:48 <ralsina> "pure" C++ was unadultered pain
18:46:04 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: maybe I’m too far overtaken by Python
18:46:13 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: me too
18:46:15 <ChrisWarrick> I did a C#+WPF project over that weekend, and it was SO NICE
18:46:28 <ChrisWarrick> even if some crashes were completely random
18:46:29 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: last time I did a C project I wrote it in almost-python
18:46:42 <ChrisWarrick> and the thing can’t open a dialog window under Windows XP
18:47:20 <ralsina> which thing?
18:47:34 <ChrisWarrick> the C# WPF program I wrote last weekend
18:47:45 <ChrisWarrick> it works fine under 7 and 10, oddly enough
18:48:17 <ralsina> ah
18:48:28 <ralsina> you probably need some runtime whatever in XP
18:48:37 <mmattice> INFO: auto: REBUILDING SITE (from files/assets/css/#custom.css#)
18:48:41 <mmattice> but that causes:
18:48:44 <mmattice> FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'files/assets/css/.#custom.css'
18:48:49 <ChrisWarrick> there are no dots there
18:48:49 <ralsina> mmattice: that has no "." :-)
18:49:02 <ralsina> something is very wrong there
18:49:05 <ChrisWarrick> race conditions
18:49:13 <mmattice> yeah, I was looking at the next one apparently.  my brain is heisenbugging or something today.
18:49:16 <ChrisWarrick> how does emacs save files?
18:49:22 <ralsina> If you are saving, then emacs is removing that file before nikola gets to it
18:49:40 <ralsina> that may not be a backup but a swap file instead?
18:50:04 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: The main window of the application works.  One other dialog works. But the about… dialog fails, for example.  The about dialog.  The simplest possible with two labels, one image and one button.
18:50:20 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: hahaha, ick
18:50:27 <ralsina> about dialogs are passé
18:53:03 <mmattice> That's with it unsaved.   The file's a dead symlink, that's still there.  Seems to be an emacs internal thing. .#custom.css -> [email protected]:1460731598
18:53:43 <mmattice> pukes all the way into chrome of course.
18:56:10 <ralsina> ahhhh neat
18:56:20 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: where would I display that pretty icon I threw together in 15 minutes in Inkscape?
18:56:20 <ralsina> mmattice: honestly, no idea :-P
18:56:33 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: In the CD liner notes for the software, of course
18:56:44 <mmattice> it's actually exploding in doit
18:57:08 <ralsina> mmattice: dangling symlinks may make everything explode, yes
18:58:46 <mmattice> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5738170/why-does-emacs-create-temporary-symbolic-links-for-modified-files
19:00:17 <ralsina> ahhhh, a stupid lockfile
19:00:20 * mmattice just shut it the f off
19:00:29 <mmattice> YOLO!
19:00:37 <ralsina> which of course, no other software on earth knows enough about to actually respect
19:01:05 * ChrisWarrick hates lock files and backup files
19:01:15 <ralsina> it's only to prevent emacs from editing the file emacs has open. W T F
19:50:18 <mmattice> other copies of emacs though
20:05:31 <mmattice> moar questions!  Is there a way to get the "sidebar" (since it's on the top?) to use images for the links instead of text?  I'd like to add a twitter and a github thingy there.
20:06:22 <ralsina> mmattice: probably not without tweaking the template
20:06:53 <ralsina> mmattice: the good news is you only need to hack base_header.tmpl
20:07:12 <ralsina> the html_navigation_links function, to be specific
20:07:52 <mmattice> If I drop one of those in my stuff, will it override the default?
20:12:13 <ralsina> mmattice: you will need to create a templates/
20:12:15 <ralsina> and put it there
20:12:17 <ralsina> that should do it
20:12:33 <mmattice> simple enough.
20:12:38 <ralsina> you could be fancier and do a custom theme, but with templates/ it should still work