Logs for #nikola for 2016-04-21

01:56:17 * mmattice lols
01:57:14 <mmattice> I spend all this time looking for stuff and then I realize you have an IRC channel here on freenode.
01:57:16 <mmattice> stilly me.
01:58:09 <mmattice> er, silly.  
01:58:38 <mmattice> anyway...  what're people using galleries for?  I mostly want to drop images into blog posts, but galleries don't seem to do that
03:37:03 <[Tritium]> galleries are for galleries >.>  there is a setting for image folders, that you can use to link an image for a post
12:28:44 <ralsina> mmattice: mostly, I use them for trips. I get all the pics from all the cameras, throw them in a folder and publish them for friends and family.
12:28:55 <ralsina> mmattice: much more useful before google photos got shared folders :-)
12:29:29 <ralsina> mmattice: and then, once they are there, of course, you can add them to your posts by just linking to them
15:16:38 <mmattice> Is there a way to make nikola strip the geotags out of the exif data when it moves them to output?
15:22:51 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: we don’t support that right now
15:23:12 <ChrisWarrick> mmattice: you could create an issue asking for that (and it’s not extra hard to do)
15:29:57 <KwBot_> [nikola] mmattice opened issue #2323: wishlist - Option to remove geotags from exif data in images https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2323
16:05:32 <ralsina> mmattice, ChrisWarrick: actually, editing EXIF data from python is pretty impossible without a new dependency
16:08:08 <mmattice> nikola is already copying exif data to resized images, isn't it?
16:10:15 <ralsina> mmattice: yes, but the problem is selectively editing it
16:10:27 <ralsina> we can either copy the whole EXIF into the output or remove everything
16:10:44 <ralsina> anything else needs another dependency, on a EXIF editing library
16:11:22 <ralsina> For more details, see https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2204
16:11:35 <mmattice> I was already looking at 2207
16:11:49 <mmattice> which seems to be more of the same.
16:12:16 <ralsina> yes, it's all the same thing
16:13:20 <ralsina> so, basically, we can *read* EXIF data, and we can copy the whole thing, but converting it to a editable format breaks it because there is nothing on PIL to re-encode as EXIF, and for that we need pyexiv2 or whatever
16:16:51 <ChrisWarrick> worst case scenario, we’ll make it an optional plugin
16:18:04 <mmattice> well then, for now, can you remove all exif data from all deployed images?
16:18:34 <mmattice> my photos aren't pro, so I don't care about the picture settings, etc.
16:20:43 <ChrisWarrick> you should care about rotation, for example
16:22:25 <mmattice> Would that break how nikola presents them?
16:23:52 <ChrisWarrick> rotation might be cared about by browsers
16:29:52 <ralsina> mmattice: easiest thing is to just run a exif cleaning script n output/
16:30:41 <ralsina> making something like https://github.com/luisgf/exifcleaner as a filter should do the trick
16:31:11 <ralsina> or just as a command post-build (but then images will be "rebuilt" every time)
16:31:42 <ralsina> hahaha all that script does is call exiv2 rm imagepath
20:14:46 <KwBot_> [nikola] aledeg opened issue #2324: Media with https https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2324
20:18:41 <KwBot_> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #2324: Media with https https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2324