Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-31

13:25:31 <nimsi> Hi, I am trying to get a title and subtitle in a rst page, however Nikola is always taking the title form the title in the meta
13:26:22 <ChrisWarrick> nimsi: with the ==== underlining?
13:27:17 <ChrisWarrick> nimsi: we don't support those being specified alongside meta data, and we don't support subtitles at all.
13:27:19 <nimsi> for providing an alternative title I used ====\ntitle\n=====
13:27:42 <nimsi> oh but it is listed at the quick restructured doc
13:28:26 <nimsi> https://getnikola.com/quickstart.html#document-title-subtitle
13:28:29 <nimsi> that one
13:28:35 <ChrisWarrick> this document is not Nikola-specific and relates to reST in general
13:29:04 <nimsi> ok, so nikola ignores those things
13:29:12 <ChrisWarrick> it is part of reST docs that we reproduce on our site as-is
13:29:39 <ChrisWarrick> it ignores subtitles and takes titles only if there is none in the metadata
13:29:52 <nimsi> OK, then I've to come up with an other way of doing it ;)
13:30:22 <nimsi> Thanks for the info!
13:30:27 <ChrisWarrick> .. raw:: html with a <h1> tag
13:30:44 <ChrisWarrick> (will become <h2> in output)
13:31:02 <nimsi> yes I've demote headers on
17:14:09 <andycowl> ralsina: PLease can I ask you a quick question re. G+ comments on lanyon theme ?
17:15:20 <andycowl> They are working great - apart from an irritating, unstyled '0 comments' after the Author in Meta data. Seems to be the '<p class=commentline' element.
17:17:13 <andycowl> I tried removing the 3 lines starting if not post.meta('nocomments'... in lanyon/templates/index.tmpl but it still shows up
17:18:23 <andycowl> Looks in 'post_header.tmpl' instead
17:20:46 <andycowl> Joy runs unconfined ! www.yakshaving.co.uk is the latest Nikola powered blog. Cheers !
17:24:07 <andycowl> quit