Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-30

14:56:47 <andyc`> help
14:59:24 <andyc`> Hi - is python 3.5.1 the preferred version for Nikola ?
15:03:17 <ChrisWarrick> andyc`: it’s perfect
15:03:33 <ChrisWarrick> but 3.5.0 and 3.4.x are okay, too
15:04:33 <andyc`> OK. Thanks. You helped me yesterday with a WP plugin problem caused by Py 3.3.
15:04:44 <andyc`> I dind't realise 3.3 was so darned ancient.
15:05:06 <andyc`> I am comparing some build times and want to give Nikola the best possible chance.
15:05:26 <andyc`> I saw ChrisW benchmark post which I found very interesting.
15:06:16 <andyc`> I have 978 posts from my WP->Django->OctoPress->Jekyll blog. Single threadded build -a time isn't brilliant
15:07:51 <andyc`> I have to say Hugo is bloody fast - lightning. I know it a statically compiled exe but is Go an efficient performant language. It builds 978 blog articles in c. 20 seconds !
15:08:26 <andyc`> The parallelism in Nikola is neat though. It scales linearly.
15:09:07 <andyc`> Although it's all a bit moot as once buiult the incremental build is sub-second so why do we - or rather I - care ?
15:09:20 <andyc`> ...mainly because I have OCD
15:38:23 <ralsina> andyc`: optimizing first builds is not that interesting, th neat part is keeping usual things fast (adding a new post / rebuild)
15:38:44 <ralsina> not that I would hate being much faster :-P
15:42:32 <ChrisWarrick> andyc`: I couldn’t get Hugo to do a thing.
15:56:32 <andyc`> ChrisW - are you on Linux ? Or Mac ?
15:57:15 <andyc`> Jekyll --incremental is, err, interesting. It takes as long as a full build. Sometimes longer.
15:58:09 <ralsina> andyc`: ?!
15:58:40 <ralsina> yet they seem to really like it? http://idratherbewriting.com/2015/11/04/jekyll-30-released-incremental-regeneration-rocks/
15:58:53 <andyc`> Yeah - when I've finished this exercise I'll revisit everything and blog it.
15:59:33 <ralsina> "For small sites of 100 pages or less, the build time is minimal — about 5 seconds or so. For sites with 1,000 pages or so, the build time can be about 10 times as long."  .... and that's in a post that loves the feature!
15:59:43 <scoates> andyc`: for some fun, strace jeckyll.
15:59:48 <scoates> jekyll
16:00:08 <ralsina> incremental rebuilds in that sense (what we have in auto) takes like 2 seconds for my humongous personal site.
16:01:04 <andyc`> Ah yes. That explains it. I tend to build/serve insteae of just 'serve' and using thye icnremental feature.
16:01:30 <ralsina> ah, those are build times without the incremental
16:01:39 <andyc`> scoates - did you play on Habari ?
16:02:43 <ralsina> Also " In using the incremental build, I find that I'm increasingly reverting to the standard build because the incremental option doesn't build everything that needs to be built."
16:03:10 <scoates> andyc`: guilty (-:
16:03:16 <scoates> though I just moved my stuff to Nikola
16:03:35 <ChrisWarrick> andyc`: linux
16:03:35 <andyc`> Small world - niche open source underdog software :-)
16:03:51 <scoates> haha true.
16:04:10 <andyc`> ChrisW - what did you get when you ran 'hugo' ? A core ?
16:04:28 <andyc`> I don't like being andyc backquote
16:05:52 <andyc`> Now have Nik 7.7.7 and Python 3.5.1 - was missing sqlite3 support. I love yak sahving
16:05:56 <andyc`> 'shaving'
16:10:42 <andycowl> There. That's better
16:10:52 <ChrisWarrick> andycowl: (please use my full nick for highlight) nothing, no output
16:11:51 <andycowl> ChrisWarrick: Sorry - been a while since I was in IRC land. Plus I'm now using Emacs/ERC
16:12:10 <ChrisWarrick> whatever your fancy IRC client is, it should have nick completion
16:12:28 <andycowl> ChrisWarrick: Indeed. It does :-)
16:13:32 <andycowl> Just to revisit the initial full build timings. I agree it's not important but it does represent the first impression a user migrating from another platform gets
16:16:54 <andycowl> ChrisWarrick: Oh I see - hugo failed silently. Well at least it was fast.
16:18:03 <andycowl> Slightly irritating that the Lanyon theme for Hugo is broken. That prevents me comparing Jekyll, Nikola and Hugo slightly more precisely.
16:18:16 <andycowl> Maybe there's another common-ish theme - bootstrap ?
19:07:25 <satanowski> Hi :). Anyone knows how to use conf.py variables in templates? 
19:08:38 <satanowski> In jinja templates, to be precise
19:14:00 <ChrisWarrick> satanowski: Anything that is in GLOBAL_CONTEXT is available in templates
19:14:17 <ChrisWarrick> satanowski: Other things may or may not be available; check nikola.py (search for GLOBAL_CONTEXT) for details
19:15:11 <satanowski> Thanks :)