Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-27

19:39:52 <scoates> hi. I'm not sure what configuration I'm supposed to look for, so I'm having a hard time finding the doc. Could someone please point me at "how to put my posts at /blogs, but keep /shares as its own section (not /blogs/shares)"?
19:41:26 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: You can configure two source paths and two destination URLs via POSTS
19:43:18 <scoates> hmm. thanks. sorry for the naïvety. I have `POSTS = (    ("posts/blogs/*.md", "posts", "post.tmpl"),)` ; that does seem to be picking up posts/blogs/whatever.md but I want it to be available at http://example.com/blogs (which is currently 404), not http://example.com/ (which "works"). Does that make sense?
19:44:08 <ChrisWarrick> Ah. Make the second argument ""
19:44:20 <scoates> ah. lemme try that.
19:45:46 <scoates> it's `("posts/blogs/*.md", "", "post.tmpl")` now, and I still see it at / (and 404 at blogs/); using `nikola auto` (which I killed and restarted to be sure) fwiw
19:46:45 <scoates> same after removing output/ too
19:46:50 <ChrisWarrick> actually, I think "blogs" should be the second argument.  Sorry, thought about it guessing it.
19:47:15 <scoates> no need to be sorry. I appreciate the help. Will try.
19:48:58 <scoates> that doesn't seem to have changed anything. /-:
19:50:06 <ChrisWarrick> I don’t really remember. Please look up the section post at ctOS’ (aka Aeyoun’s) blog.
19:50:48 <scoates> perhaps because of this? # Generate pages for each section. The site must have at least two sections
19:50:49 <scoates> # for this option to take effect. It wouldn't build for just one section.
19:50:54 <scoates> ok. will do. thanks.
19:51:35 <ChrisWarrick> I’m not an expert on sections, sorry.
19:51:51 <ChrisWarrick> You might also want to try asking on the mailing list. Hopefully, somebody will know better.
19:53:30 <scoates> cool. thanks. I'll poke at it a bit and then figure out the mailing list.
19:53:40 <ChrisWarrick> Either way, please mess around, try changing various things in POSTS, the middle one is the most likely culprit. (Set it to something distinctive and see the directory listing, perhaps?)
19:54:38 <scoates> yep. messing. (-:
19:55:01 <rmariano> hi, is there an easy way to embed a tweet?
19:55:09 <rmariano> it seems the tag media does not support it
19:55:20 <scoates> FWIW, I have `("posts/blogs/*.md", "blogs", "post.tmpl")` and `http://localhost:8000/blogs/slug/` works. There's just nothing at `/blogs/` (no slug; probably want an index)
19:55:49 <ChrisWarrick> rmariano: if it’s not in the media tag, you need to use some twitter copy-paste, it seems
19:56:17 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: Then try that setting that creates section indexes, and make another section?
19:56:32 <scoates> yep. trying.
19:56:34 <scoates> thanks again.
19:56:48 <rmariano> ChrisWarrick: embedding the html is possible?
19:56:52 <ChrisWarrick> rmariano: .. raw:: html
19:57:07 <rmariano> ChrisWarrick: thx
19:58:27 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome