Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-25

11:35:41 <gour> just tried forestry.io web ui which can import hugo/jekyll projects. yesterday played a bit with pelican in order to try its ics rendering...and all i can say that with a more polished Coil, Nikola would sweep the floor with all of them.
11:46:53 <ChrisWarrick> Bullshit
11:47:27 <ChrisWarrick> most SSG users don’t need fancy web interfaces
11:47:46 <ChrisWarrick> and we need better propaganda
11:48:35 * [Tritium] ponders buying blog-in-rst.com and redirecting to getnikola
12:09:04 <gour> ChrisWarrick: well, if by 'SSG users' you consider sites with single users who are savvy to use git etc. what about web sites with more than one author?
12:10:09 <ChrisWarrick> How many of them are currently run using SSGs?
12:10:29 <gour> for hackers desiring to have simple blog, there is no need to have such a plethora of SSG which just make the the whole market fragmented 
12:11:03 <gour> well, that's why things like Grav or even Lektor are getting popular
12:11:42 <gour> Grav has almost 4k start at github
12:11:46 <gour> *stars
12:12:01 <ChrisWarrick> Learn Flask and contribute to Coil.
12:12:40 <gour> if you want that Nikola stays in the same niche, then, of course, it's serves the purpose very nicely
12:44:06 <ChrisWarrick> I want you to stop whining about Coil. Don’t you understand that, in order to make it better, a human with free time is needed?
13:00:33 <gour> ChrisWarrick: it's not whining, just evaluation of the current status of Nikola/Coil and setting or not setting priorities accordingly. since Nikola seems to remain as just another SSG, it's clear that other apps are going to serve the purpos of bridging the world of CMS & SSG by providing web ui admin panels...nothing wrong with it 
13:02:18 <gour> ..and no intention to make you disturbed either