Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-19

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16:15:00 <GiLgAmEzH> ralsina: ping
16:15:38 <GiLgAmEzH> have you found a volunteer for the Coil docker images?
16:16:34 <GiLgAmEzH> I have this email pinned on my inbox. but is 20 days old :)
16:22:16 <GiLgAmEzH> I think that I can write a yaml config to use https://cloud.docker.com/ (very similar to docker-compose) and it allow users to use aws, digital ocean, azure, etc.
16:50:25 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: Our main concern is actually getting a Dockerfile for that.  We can’t distribute something that does not exist.
16:51:57 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: (You just need to get Nikola, Coil, Redis, uWSGI and nginx on one container, talking over two HTTP(s) ports)
16:53:10 <ChrisWarrick> 
16:59:21 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: a Dockerfile with all inside will brake the "docker way". And makes no sense to install nginx/redis/etc if we have a docker image for each one.
16:59:38 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: You’re assuming I care about the docker way.
16:59:43 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: is you have a docker-compose.yml you only have to run "docker-compose up"
16:59:49 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: :)
16:59:59 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: using docker-compose is simpler.
16:59:59 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: Coil is probably incompatible with that.
17:00:47 <GiLgAmEzH> mmm I didn't install Coil yet. But i think that nginx is used as reverse proxy/serve statics files. 
17:01:20 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: Nginx must be able to access (a) coil’s data files and (b) coil’s output, which requires (α) them being on the same server or (β) wasting resources on NFS
17:01:29 <GiLgAmEzH> so you need an image with nikola, coil, uWSGI. Then others with. Redis, Nginx and the workers.
17:02:02 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: ok.. 'ouput' is the problem. 
17:02:12 <ChrisWarrick> rqworker is another one
17:02:18 <GiLgAmEzH> you don't use NFS with docker. just share a volume.
17:02:32 <ChrisWarrick> Works equally badly, I assume.
17:02:43 <GiLgAmEzH> not
17:02:46 <GiLgAmEzH> docker is just cgroups.
17:03:01 <ChrisWarrick> Coil was built for the real way Unix should work: with multitasking.
17:03:02 <GiLgAmEzH> the processes are running in the same machine.
17:04:33 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: ok. I can write this Dockerfile.
17:04:41 <ChrisWarrick> GiLgAmEzH: Great!
17:04:53 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: in the docs you are using python2.
17:05:02 <GiLgAmEzH> I assume that I can built it with py3
17:05:07 <ChrisWarrick> yes, you should
17:05:14 <GiLgAmEzH> IIRC nikola doesn't support python2 any more.
17:05:32 <ChrisWarrick> the docs are outdated
17:09:30 <GiLgAmEzH> ChrisWarrick: I'll be back with news in a few days :)
17:27:40 <jjconti> hi
17:37:55 <ChrisWarrick> hello
17:48:03 <juanjo> hi ChrisWarrick
17:48:20 <juanjo> that was me from a tiny laptop with a command line irc client 
17:48:33 <juanjo> i'm trying to install nikola in that with no luck
17:48:48 <juanjo> i get the lxml error because it can't be compiled because of the poor ram
17:48:54 <ChrisWarrick> yeah, that sucks.
17:48:59 <ChrisWarrick> What does that tiny laptop run?
17:49:04 <juanjo> lubuntu
17:49:13 <juanjo> i tried some tips from the nikola site
17:49:46 <juanjo> like creating the venv with the parameter --system-site-packages
17:49:52 <juanjo> but i get the same error
17:49:54 <ChrisWarrick> …and installing lxml from aptitude
17:51:05 <jjconti> i think it's installed in the system
17:51:20 <jjconti> if i run python outside the venv, i can do import lxml
17:52:06 <jjconti> Could not find function xmlCheckVersion in library libxml2. Is libxml2 installed?
17:52:08 <ChrisWarrick> Do Python versions match between your system and the virtualenv?
17:52:11 <jjconti> thats one of the errors
17:52:40 <jjconti> they match
17:53:41 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: the venv is python2?
17:53:48 <jjconti> no, python3
17:53:56 <ChrisWarrick> and you installed python3-lxml from apt?
17:54:22 <jjconti> yes
17:56:14 <jjconti> one of the tips in nikola page is doing an ln but it's not super clear where to do it
17:56:21 <jjconti> can we try that'
17:56:22 <jjconti> ?
17:56:44 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: it have to work with --system-site-packages
17:57:23 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: start a fresh venv using --system-site-packages and try to import lxml.
17:57:56 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: if it doesn't work. You have some problem with the python versions maybe.
17:58:49 <juanjo> ok
17:58:52 <juanjo> let me check
18:00:07 <jjconti>  virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 --system-site-packages venv
18:00:15 <GiLgAmEzH> yep
18:00:34 <jjconti> the import works
18:00:40 <jjconti> it also worked before
18:01:37 <juanjo> reinstalling nikola
18:01:41 <GiLgAmEzH> ok
18:01:47 <GiLgAmEzH> pip intall nikola?
18:01:50 <GiLgAmEzH> install
18:02:28 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: whats your installed versión of lxml? 
18:02:38 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: ups. juanjo 
18:03:33 <GiLgAmEzH> isinstance(jjconti, juanjo)
18:03:45 <juanjo> yes
18:03:53 <juanjo> from the 2 computers
18:03:57 <juanjo> juanjo is in the mac
18:03:58 <GiLgAmEzH> ahhh oka :)
18:04:06 <juanjo> and jjconti in the conectarigualdad netbook
18:04:11 <juanjo> how do i check the version?
18:04:20 <GiLgAmEzH> dpkg -l | grep lxml?
18:04:27 <GiLgAmEzH> apt-cache policy python3-lxml ?
18:05:18 <jjconti> 3.3.6-0ubuntu1
18:05:36 <GiLgAmEzH> ok. nikola requires lxml (>=3.3.5) https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Nikola/7.7.7
18:05:55 <juanjo> so why is it even try to compile?
18:06:01 <juanjo> instead of using the system one?
18:07:03 <GiLgAmEzH> pip3 install?
18:07:41 <juanjo> pruebo
18:08:11 <juanjo> the other tip in nikola page says "Install a system package and symlink it from /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages to your virtualenv"
18:10:26 <juanjo> ok, with pip3 the error is different
18:10:29 <juanjo> now pillow didnt compile
18:10:49 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: It will have the same problem that using --system-site-packages
18:10:56 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: you can use a debian package for nikola.
18:11:00 <GiLgAmEzH> have you tried it>
18:11:01 <GiLgAmEzH> ?
18:11:17 <GiLgAmEzH> apt-get install nikola?
18:11:23 <juanjo> on it
18:11:38 <juanjo> oh, no
18:11:42 <juanjo> im aptgeting pillow
18:11:51 <juanjo> apt-get nikolla will install an old version
18:12:11 <juanjo> and I'm a nikola super user, i can't allow that for me
18:12:15 <juanjo> :p
18:12:20 <GiLgAmEzH> it's true. If you install pillow it should work.
18:12:22 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: :
18:12:23 <GiLgAmEzH> :)
18:12:50 <jjconti> here we go again
18:13:01 <jjconti> for ralsina that's on vacations
18:14:57 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: so you where using python2-pip at the first time?
18:15:15 <jjconti> maybe
18:15:17 <ChrisWarrick> Don’t bother withh nikola from the Debian repos
18:15:17 <jjconti> btw
18:15:25 <jjconti> i go t he lxml error again wtf"
18:15:26 <jjconti> !
18:16:02 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: :o
18:17:02 <ChrisWarrick> Was the virtualenv created with --systme-site-packages?
18:17:07 <jjconti> yes
18:17:26 <ChrisWarrick> which means something is terribly broken here
18:17:27 <GiLgAmEzH> jjconti: and you have python3-lxml installed? not python-lxml
18:17:51 <juanjo> both
18:18:23 * GiLgAmEzH is testing in a docker img.
18:21:08 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: maybe another dependencie is requesting a newer versión of lxml?
18:21:16 <juanjo> thanks GiLgAmEzH
18:21:49 <GiLgAmEzH> *dependency
18:21:57 <juanjo> can that be checked?
18:22:15 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: yep. reading the pip log.
18:22:59 <juanjo> on it
18:27:18 <juanjo> it's trying to compile 3.6
18:28:02 <GiLgAmEzH> Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): lxml>=3.3.5 in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (from nikola)
18:29:28 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: http://linkode.org/4npQGtAm3OktHdFBevKki4
18:32:31 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: soething is broken in your installation.
18:32:48 <GiLgAmEzH> *something
18:34:10 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: try "pip3 install --ignore-installed nikola"
18:34:33 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: algo you can try updating pip: `pip install pip --upgrade`
18:35:10 <GiLgAmEzH> bbl o/
18:35:37 <juanjo> ok, thanks
19:00:35 <juanjo> i'll try the docker nikola
19:04:45 <jjconti> not working...
19:08:25 <ChrisWarrick> wjich is really sad
19:12:29 <ChrisWarrick> throw that laptop out of the window, or maybe install a better distro
22:24:26 <juanjo> i finally installed it
22:24:35 <juanjo> i did the swapfile trick
22:39:26 <GiLgAmEzH> juanjo: :)
23:08:19 <jjconti> well now i was bitten by this bug https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2228