Logs for #nikola for 2016-03-15

15:26:03 <polz> hi there!
15:26:40 <polz> suppose I'd like to write a rest directive which adds kitten-shaped lines to each of my posts
15:27:02 <polz> and suppose the html from this directive requires some javascript
15:27:36 <polz> what is the Proper(tm) way to have the javascript included in each page that posts might be on?
15:28:38 <polz> so... is there some way to tell Nikola that a plugin requires some javascript file to be loaded?
16:15:04 <ChrisWarrick> polz: That depends. If you can afford to have this on every page (i.e. you add kittens often), just have it there. Otherwise, put it as part of the directive. If you caN’t do that (eg. you need jQuery), you would need to do some custom templating things (that check a meta tag, for example)